University of Pittsburgh

ACIE Award 2009

Conducting Remote Lab Experiments

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Marlin Mickle

Electrical and Computer Engr
BENDM 432 Pittsburgh
(412) 624-9682

Peter Hawrylak

Marlin Mickle and Peter Hawrylak, Electrical and Computer Engineering, have developed a new way for undergraduate engineering students to learn about the technologies used to construct and test wireless computer networks. With their project Remote Experiments in Wireless Computer Networks, they have created a remote laboratory. Instead of students meeting in an expensive lab with little time to use the equipment, they can perform tests asynchronously via the web. This allows each student to schedule remote lab sessions to perform tests online and review the results at their leisure.

With this remote lab, students are able to see different data transmission techniques and compare them using real-world test and measurement equipment. Along with comparing different methods of wireless communication, students can look at speed or rate of transmission of information, and will eventually use the equipment to communicate with other remote devices.     According to Mickle, with these advances in wireless communication, he and Hawrylak are following in the footsteps of Reginald Fessenden, the “Father of Radio” and the first chair of Pitt’s electrical engineering department.

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