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ACIE Award 2009

Online Assessment of Self-Care Skills

Margo Holm

Margo Holm

Prog in Occupational Therapy Office
FRTOW 5014 Pittsburgh
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As part of their curriculum, occupational therapy students in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS) need to learn now to perform in-home assessments of clients with trouble performing everyday tasks.  Margo Holm, SHRS, used her ACIE grant to create How Reliable Am I?, a video database which will enable students to practice performing assessments and improve their clinical observation skills without seeing clients in person.  These videos focus on patients whose day-to-day living skills have become mildly to severely impaired, affecting such simple activities as bathing, managing medications, or getting dressed. 

When viewing these self-paced videos and accompanying PowerPoints, students use the Performance Assessment of Self-care Skills (PASS) to rate the assistance each client needs for performing each task.  Their assessments are then compared with Holm’s and scored for accuracy, at which point they can go back and re-assess the client.  “There is no replay in real life,” says Holm.  “The beauty of this is that [the students] can go back and see the client do the task again, and again, and again, until their observation skills improve.”

This module, a narrated PowerPoint presentation, serves as an introduction to How Reliable Am I? and an overview of the Performance Assessment of Self-Care Skill (PASS) clinical observation tool. It provides the rationale, content, psychometrics (method of determining patient’s ability), and administration procedures of PASS.

Final Report

2009 Teaching Times

This video demonstrates a client performing a specific skill set of taking out the garbage.
This video demonstrates a client performing a specific skill set of managing medications.