University of Pittsburgh

ACIE Award 2009

Theory and Practice: An Interactive Web Site



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Jean Ferguson Carr

CL 617E Pittsburgh
(412) 624-6537

Frayda Cohen

Women's Studies Program
WWPH 2208 Pittsburgh
(412) 624-0326

Two of the aims of the Women’s Studies program are to link academic coursework with community involvement and to foster student and faculty collaboration across the disciplines. Because of the wide range of subjects involved in the study of women, gender, and sexuality, students sometimes have trouble finding resources and initiating collaboration. With their grant project Theory and Practice: An Interactive Website, Carr and Cohen have created the Women’s Studies Virtual Community, a place where students and faculty are able to contribute to an interdisciplinary knowledge base.

The website, which is linked to the Women’s Studies homepage, includes a wiki and a blog, as well as a list of recommended websites and readings organized by subject. The blog feature will be helpful for ongoing projects, says Cohen. “For example, one student interned for a nonprofit organization on urban community development in India and spent six weeks on-site researching women’s health issues. Her internship touched on several different disciplines, but we had no community space that allowed her to work across disciplines from India.” Syllabi, research papers, and other resources can also be posted to the blog, and the wiki will cover a wide range of topics. As it grows, the Women’s Studies Virtual Community will become a valuable resource for those involved in the topic, regardless of discipline.

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