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ACIE award winners

Past ACIE award recipients.

Innovation in Education Awards

2016 List of Projects


David Nero, physics and astronomy, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, for “Jump Starting Conceptual Understanding in Physics with Interactive Simulations.”

Kristin Kanthak, political science, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, for “Intergroup Dialogue in American Politics.”

Samuel Dickerson, electrical and computer engineering, School of Engineering, for “Teaching Students to Innovate with the Internet-Of-Things.”

Joanne Prasad and Dennis Schebetta, oral biology, School of Dental Medicine and theatre arts, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, for “Theatre Techniques to Enhance Interpersonal Communication Skills and Cultural Competence in Dentistry.”

Kristin Asinger, Sheilendra Gajanan, Tony Gaskew, and Nancy McCabe, humanities, University of Pittsburg at Bradford, for “Campus and Community Read: Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy.”

Neal Benedict, Lawrence Kobulinsky, and Susan Meyer, pharmacy and therapeutics, School of Pharmacy, for “Readiness Assessment: an authentic assessment of practice “readiness” through blended simulation progress testing.”

Peter Brusilovsky and Pratibha Menon, School of Information Sciences, for “Enhancing Learning in a Large Enrollment, Introductory Course by Using Visual and Social Strategies.”

Marissa Brainard, Jennifer Manges, and Kimberly Ziance, natural science, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, for “Mini Thermal Cyclers + Mobile Technology = Maximum Student Engagement.”