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Innovation in Education Awards

2014 List of Projects


Jean Ferguson Carr, Jennifer Lee and Brenda Whitney: Seminar in Composition Digital Literacy Initiative

Philip Empey: Using Personal Genome Testing to Teach Pharmacogenomics in a Large Lecture Course

Zsuzsa Horvath, Susan M. Meyer and Susan A. Albrecht: Learning and Teaching Together to Advance Evidence-Based Clinical Education

Gordon R. Mitchell and Kathleen M. McTigue: Learning Lake Initiative

Elizabeth Bilodeau: The Gamification of Oral Diagnosis: Engaging Students in a Large Classroom

Andrea Hergenroeder and Victoria Hornyak: The Use of Assessment Virtual Patients to Examine Clinical Decision Making

John R. Shaffer: Online Human Population Genetics Simulator

Denise A. Piechnik and Matthew M. Kropf: STEM-Sense: Students Building and Using Sensors For Classroom Research

Daniel S. Lambrecht:Chemistry in the Cloud: Hands-on Experience of Three-Dimensional Molecular Structures Using Mobile Devices in Large Lecture Courses

Jeremy C. Justus and Marissa Landrigan: Innovations in Digital Communication Technologies: Reading, Analyzing, and Producing Interactive Narratives