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Past ACIE award recipients.

Innovation in Education Awards

2013 List of Projects


Brian Beaton, LIS: Innovating Informal Instruction: Creating a School of Information Sciences "Research Experience Portal"

Cheryl Bodnar, Chemical Engineering Virtual Internships: Professional Identity within Large Enrollment Programs

Lance Davidson, Bioengineering: Assessing the Flip: Re-Engineering a Large Lecture Course in Bioengineering

Becky Faett, Acute & Tertiary Care: A Strategy to Improve Professional Competence & Use of Individualized Evidence-Based Patient Teaching in a Large Enrollment Course on Two Campuses

Sean Garrett-Roe, Chemistry: Computer Assisted Guided Inquiry Activities for Physical Chemistry

Robert Weyant & Amy Seybert, Dental Public Health, Pharmacy & Therapeutics: Evidence-Based Healthcare: Interprofessional, Learner-Focused Small Groups in Large lecture Courses in Dentistry and Pharmacy

Andrew Zentner, Physics & Astronomy: A General Education Course on Energy Sources, Uses, and the Environment