Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence


ACIE award winners

Past ACIE award recipients.

Innovation in Education Awards

2012 List of Projects


Peter Brusilovsky, SIS, Info Sci and Telecom: Engaging students in online reading through social progress visualization (expected August, 2013)

Fiona E. Craig, Medicine, Pathology: The Virtual Pathology Instructor (V-PIN)

Paul W. Leu & Mary Besterfield-Sacre, Engineering, Industrial Engineering: Learning and Experiencing Engineering Design Processes that Promote Innovative Outcomes

Jonathan Pearlman, SHRS, Sciences and Technology: Rehabilitation Technology for Developing Countries

Andrew T. Rose, Johnstown, Engineering: Development and Implementation of a Multi-course Design project in the Civil Engineering Technology Curriculum Using a Modified Communities of Practice Approach

William Schumann, Bradford, Anthropology: Use of Spiral Curriculum to Enhance Learning in an Engineering Technology Measurements Course


For more information about the award-winning projects, please visit The Teaching Times. Reports on the project implementation, results and the impact on teaching at Pitt will be posted here upon completion. Congratulations to our faculty on being selected for an "Innovation in Education" award.