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Innovation in Education Awards

2012 List of Projects


Peter Brusilovsky, SIS, Info Sci and Telecom: Engaging students in online reading through social progress visualization (expected August, 2013)

Fiona E. Craig, Medicine, Pathology: The Virtual Pathology Instructor (V-PIN)

Paul W. Leu & Mary Besterfield-Sacre, Engineering, Industrial Engineering: Learning and Experiencing Engineering Design Processes that Promote Innovative Outcomes

Jonathan Pearlman, SHRS, Sciences and Technology: Rehabilitation Technology for Developing Countries

Andrew T. Rose, Johnstown, Engineering: Development and Implementation of a Multi-course Design project in the Civil Engineering Technology Curriculum Using a Modified Communities of Practice Approach

William Schumann, Bradford, Anthropology: Use of Spiral Curriculum to Enhance Learning in an Engineering Technology Measurements Course