University of Pittsburgh

Innovation in Education Awards

2011 List of Projects


Neal Benedict, Pharmacy & Therapeutics: Innovative Instructional Approach to Foster Self-Directed Learning

Sangyeun Cho, Computer Science: Cracking Personal Supercomputing

Lydia Daniels, Biological Sciences: Losing the Lecture: Student-Centered, Inquiry-Based Learning in an Entry-Level Biology Course

Mary Lou Leibold, Occupational Therapy: Maximizing Clinical Readiness through Classroom Learning

Christinger Tomer, Information Sciences: Information Professionals and Student Interactions (IPSI)

Jingtao Wang, Computer Science: Software as a Service for Mobile Computing

Amy Williams, Music: Collaboration in Music and Dance

Eunice Yang, Engineering (Johnstown): Use of a Spiral Curriculum to Enhance Learning in an Engineering Technology Measurements Course


For more information about the award-winning projects, please visit Reports on the project implementation, results and the impact on teaching at Pitt will be posted here upon completion. Congratulations to our faculty on being selected for an "Innovation in Education" award.


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