Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence


ACIE award winners

Past ACIE award recipients.

Innovation in Education Awards

2011 List of Projects


Neal Benedict, Pharmacy & Therapeutics: Innovative Instructional Approach to Foster Self-Directed Learning

Sangyeun Cho, Computer Science: Cracking Personal Supercomputing

Lydia Daniels, Biological Sciences: Losing the Lecture: Student-Centered, Inquiry-Based Learning in an Entry-Level Biology Course

Mary Lou Leibold, Occupational Therapy: Maximizing Clinical Readiness through Classroom Learning

Christinger Tomer, Information Sciences: Information Professionals and Student Interactions (IPSI)

Jingtao Wang, Computer Science: Software as a Service for Mobile Computing

Amy Williams, Music: Collaboration in Music and Dance

Eunice Yang, Engineering (Johnstown): Use of a Spiral Curriculum to Enhance Learning in an Engineering Technology Measurements Course