Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence

“Evidence-based Healthcare:  Interprofessional, Learner-Focused Small Groups in Large Lecture Courses in Dentistry and Pharmacy”

Robert Weyant, School of Dental Medicine and Amy Seybert, School of Pharmacy



Resolving complex patient health issues requires collaboration between health experts.  Dr. Robert Weyant and Dr. Amy Seybert used their ACIE create to create a unique knowledge-sharing opportunity between pharmacology and dental medicine students.  Weyant and Seybert redesigned two courses - Evidence-based Dentistry (CDENT 5116) and Pharmacotherapy of Cardiovascular Disease (PHARM 5216) - to incorporate three Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) sessions. POGIL is a form of highly structured guided inquiry that enhances critical thinking, problem-solving and communication through group collaboration and reflection. Working in small groups (4-5 students), pharmacy and dental students worked through material designed to present fundamental concepts of evidence-based medicine. It is hoped this experience will promote lifelong learning and encourage interprofessional communication when students enter the professional world.