Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence

“Using Personal Genome Testing to Teach Pharmacogenomics in a Large Lecture Course” 

Philip Empey, assistant professor, Department of Pharmacy and Theraputics, School of Pharmacy


Pharmacists’ primary responsibility is to effectively manage drug therapy, a task that has become increasingly difficult with the rapid proliferation of personalized medicine. This project’s goal is to enhance personalized medicine education so that pharmacy students will enter the field with experiential knowledge of personal genomic testing. Empey’s project will redesign a large lecture course in the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum to incorporate optional personal-genomic-testing technology for students and faculty. Empey will create learning activities to use the testing data and to create a database for analysis and evaluation. The course redesign will give “students a new opportunity to experience first-hand how genetic testing is performed,” said Empey, allowing students to assess the strengths and limitations of genetic information.