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ACIE Award 2010

Interactive Video Resource to Teach Genetics and Genomics in Nursing

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Marilyn Davies

School of Nursing
415 Victoria Hall

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Over the last two decades, there has been a significant expansion of scientific knowledge focused on the genetic and genomic basis of health and illness. For example heart disease, cancer, cerebrovascular disease, and diabetes all have a genetic/genomic component. Marilyn A. Davies and Michele A. Reiss, School of Nursing, addressed the need for teaching tools to help educate nursing students in her project, Developing a Video Resource to Enhance the Learning of Essential Nursing Competencies for Genetics and Genomics. Davies and Reiss teach Essential Nursing Competencies and Curricula Guidelines for Genetics and Genomics to students in an undergraduate nursing genetic course. These competencies include

  1. Eliciting three-generation family health history information,
  2. Recognizing when one’s own attitudes and values related to genetic and genomic science may affect one’s nursing care, and advocating for the rights of all clients for autonomous,
  3. Informed genetic-related decision-making.

While teaching these competencies, Davies’ efforts have been complicated by a lack of unique examples. Therefore, she and Reiss developed a menu-driven, interactive video resource that teaches undergraduate nursing students how professional nurses integrate genetic/genomic core competencies into their nursing practice. This teaching tool will be used to educate approximately 150 nursing students annually.

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A New Resource for Nursing Students:

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