Volume 16, no. 1 (January 1977)  
To Inherit the Land: Descent and Decision in Northern Luzon Charles B. Drucker
Women and Kinship and Acheh Besar, Northern Sumatra Chandra Jayawardena
Time in a Complex Society: A Moroccan Example Dale F. Eickelman
Pigs, Fodder, and the Jones Effect in Postipomoean New Guinea James B. Watson
Land Shortage and War in New Guinea Paul Sillitoe
Bara Zero Generation Terminology and Marriage Jean E. Jackson
Volume 16, no. 2 (April 1977)  
Temne Household Size and Composition: Rural Changes over Time and Rural-Urban Differences Vernon R. Dorjahn
The Mirrored Self: Identity and Ritual Inversion among the Eastern Bororo J. Christopher Crocker
Cuna Aesthetics: A Quantitative Analysis Lawrence A. Hirschfeld
Intensive Agriculture among the Highland Tzeltals Paul R. Turner
The Meaning of Rope in a Yuat River Village Nancy McDowell
Concomitants of Matengo Cultivation Intensity: A Discrete Multivariate Model Kenneth Morgan
Harry W. Basehart
Agents and Techniques for Child Training: Cross-cultural Codes 6 Herbert Barry III, et al.
Volume 16, no. 3 (July 1977)  
Sea Tenure in Southern Sri Lanka Paul Alexander
Industrial Impact on Family Formation in Barbados, West Indies Richard W. Stoffle
Ritual Reconciliation and the Obviation of Grievances: A Comparative Study in the Ethnography of Law Klaus-Friedrich Koch, et al.
The Politics of Affinal Exchange: Chambri as a Client Market Deborah Gewertz
Some Further Considerations on West Indian Conjugal Patterns Richard E. Gardner
Aaron M. Podolefsky
The Assignment of Relationship Terms in Binumarien Kristen Hawkes
Volume 16, no. 4 (October 1977) Out-Of-Print  
Emic Structure and Decision-Making in Yap Sherwood G. Lingenfelter
Community Variations and Network Structure in the Social Functions of Compadrazgo in Rural Tlaxcala, Mexico Hugo G. Nutini
Douglas R. White
Leaders, Land, and Limousines: Emir Versus Sheikh Dawn Chatty
Crisis, Moral Consensus, and the Wando Magano Movement among the Sadama of Southwest Ethiopia John Hamer
A Stochastic Process Analysis of the Developmental Cycle of the Andros Household Keith F. Otterbein
Charlotte Swanson Otterbein
Pooling Intra-cultural Variation: Toward Empirically-based Statements of Community Consensus Sara B. Nerlove
Anthony S. Walters