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Spring 2004

Oral Presentations

Session IA

Scholar's room

Convener: Andy Rose


T-I 12:45 McCullough, Motchenboaugh, Ruby, & Will Vintondale Pedestrian Bridge and Athletic Field Design
T-I 1:00 Funka The Great Rising of 1381

Session IB 

Presidents Room

Jonathan Ritz, Convener


T-I 12:45-1:30 Literary readings  

1:30 to 2:30

Poster Session I

Heritage Hall

Session IIA

Scholar's Room

Convener: TBA


T-II 2:30 Hall, Barton, Forsha,  & Vallecorsa Ferrellton Bridge Replacement
T-II 2:45 Gusbar, Caruthers, DeCario & Wickham Rockwood Athletic Facilities
T-II 3:00 Scott, Buchan, & Layman Box Culvert Bridge Rplacement

Session IIB

Board Room

Charles Hinderliter, Convener


T-II 2:30 Ferrraro & Lucas, A. Harmonies and Melodies in Music
T-II 2:45 Ferrraro & Lucas, A. Interpretation of Emotion in Music
T-II 3:00 Lucas, C., McDonald, Rosenbloom & Westover West Kitanning Congestion

Session IIC

Presidents Room

Eric Schwerer, Convener


T-II 2:30 Literary readings  

Session IID

Campus Room

Katherine Reist, Convener


T-II 2:30 Newfield Shinto: A Simple Survivor
T-II 2:45 Baran The North and the Slavery Question During the American Civil War
T-II 3:00 Sernell Migration to the United States and the European Union

3:15 to 4:15

Poster Session II

Heritage Hall

Session IIIA

Board Room

Sharon Bertsch, Convener


T-III 4:15 Cook The Gulf States and Iran: Iranian battles with the Gulf States and Iraq and disputes on oil
T-III 4:30 Swalligan Struggling Against the Arc of Instability, Russia’s Response to September 11th
T-III 4:45 Burda and Popovich Biological Warfare and Terrorism

Session IIIB

Presidents Room:

Michael Cox, Convener


T-III 4:15 Literary readings  

Session IIIC

Campus Room

Stephen Kilpatrick, Convener


T-III 4:15 Myers & Weaver O-Cores - A New Approach
T-III 4:30 Zook, Beveridge, & McFeaters Off the Rak Restaurant and Bar Expansion
T-III 4:45 Radion, Maxwell, & Ondecko UPJ Recreational Sports Complex

Poster Presentations

abstract number authors title
II-28 Carrabba Evidence for a Middle Pennsylvaian…
II-25 Cover Coordination Chemistry of…
II-26 Cover Total Synthesis of (+) Roserine
II-16 Dalton The Study of Tanscription Inhibition by..
II-17 Dalton The Synthesis, Activity and Sprctral Identif…
I-13 Ellis No title…(with Dr. Robart)
I-29 Ferko Wells Creek Watershed Map
I-14 Grosik and Simunic Cognitive Aspects of Nicotine Dependence
II-10 Lensbouer A look at Biologically Active Platinum…
II-11 Lensbouer A look at the Synthesis and spectral analysis…
II-12 Lensbouer A look at the proposed Synthesis of Ruth…
II-18 Lesosky No title…(with Dr. Robart)
I-3 Long PLC Automated Home
II-30 McDermott and Gibson Origin and Petrologic Analysis…
II-4 Meleason The Study of pKa's of Glyoximes…
II-5 Meleason Inorganic Metal-metal bonding
II-6 Meleason Characterization of Quaterrylenebis…
II-35 Miller and Dodson Belknap Mountain Instrusive
II-1 Mills Laws Regarding Privacy…
I-8 Mock Internship at the national aviary
II-27 Nealer potential of N12 Compounds…
II-33 Oravec Tetramethylphosphonium Fluoride…
II-36 Pavelka and Ridge Automatic Lamp Controller
I-34 Pecze Procedural learning and contexutal cues
II-7 Peterson, LLOyd, Rosenbaum Yellowston Volcanics
II-2 Petrunak Forest Hills Watewater Treatment
II-38 Piper Study Strategies and the Generation…
I, II-9 Ross Typicallity, Familiarity and Distinctiveness…
II-19 Sernell and Mullhollen The Quemahoning Dam
II-31 Shaffer Attaching Porphyrins to Oxide…
II-32 Shaffer Oxidative Chlorination for Synthesis…
I-23 Sivec Forgetting and Context Dependent…
I-15 Slifko A mathematical Riddle
II-21 Turcato Low Cu-N(azide)-CU End-On…
II-22 Turcato Spectrometry of a New Expandable Monomer that...
II-37 Wise First Synthesis of Caldobotryal, …
II-20 Yarnall and Waterhouse Automatic Bartender
I-24 Yaroslavsky Perception of Computer Synthesized…
II-39 Baer Poem: "April 1995"
I-40 Harshbarger Poem: "Instability"
II-41 Saunders Poem: "An Unfamiliar Song"
II-42 Young Poem: "To the Heart"

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