What types of companies hire engineers?

  1. Respironics

    This is a medical supply company that specializes in breathing apparati. They make technology that helps people with sleep apnea, so that they are able to breathe easily when they sleep. An example of this is the continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), which provides a steady stream of air pressure to keep airways open. There are many types of breathing apparati, so they are continuing to develop better and more efficient machines.
    These are some of the products that this company produces:
    • CPAP machine
    • Bi-PAP machine
    • Infant Apnea Monitors

    Respironics is based in Pittsburgh, PA in the suburb of Murrysville. It recently entered into a merger agreement with Royal Philips Electronics. Here is some other information about this company:
    • Some benefits include pensions, medical insurance, housing allowance, scholarships for children or childcare support
    • There is a competitive base salary for these positions
    • There are short and long term pay-for-performance bonuses

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  3. Stryker Medical

    Stryker Medical is a medical equipment company that develops and produces medical implants, surgical and imaging technologies, as well as patient handling and emergency medical equipment. The company is based in Kalamazoo, Michigan and since then has grown much bigger. Some of their products include the following:
    • MANTIS Implant
    • Triathalon Total Knee
    • Shoulder and Hip Replacement Systems

    Here are some other cool things to know about Stryker Medical Company
    • All of the products are protected with a set manufacturer’s warranty
    • They offer the services of Endoscopic Surgical Specialists for procedures
    • There are over 20,000 employees in the company
    • Some benefits include bonuses, commissions, healthcare, insurance benefits, retirement programs, stock-based plans, paid time off plans, family and parenting leaves, tuition reimbursement, and wellness programs

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