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Tri-Stan (2003) for mezzo-soprano and 10 players, 48', text by David Foster Wallace, commissioned by Mary Nessinger, Sequitur, NYC,2004-2005 season

Fierce Lament (2002) for chamber orchestra 2-2-2-2/2-2-1-1/1 perc., pno/strings 8' University of Pittsburgh Chamber Orchestra, Roger Zahab cond. 4/17/02

Time, A Maniac Scattering Dust (1999) for wind ensemble 3' commissioned by Washington & Jefferson College, Washington PA W & J Wind Ensemble, John Bauerlein cond. 5/2/99

No Time Like the Present (1996) for orchestra 3-3-3-3/4-3-3-1/3 perc, timp, pno, hrp/strngs 5' commissioned by the Pittsburgh Symphony Pittsburgh Symphony, Maris Jansens, cond. 2/20/98

Kicking and Screaming (1994) [C.F. Peters] chamber concerto for piano and 10 players 24' commissioned by the Fromm Foundation Speculum Musicae, Aleck Karis, pno, Don Palma cond. Merkin Concert Hall, NYC 3/15/95

Off Trail (1988) for orchestra 2-2-3(or 2)-2, 4-2-3-1, 2 perc., pno, hp, strings. 17' commissioned by the Fremont Philharmonic Fremont Philharmonic conducted by David Sloss, 5/7/89, Chabot College, Hayward CA


Teeth of the Sea (2003) for percussion solo (conga drum and tumba) 4' commissioned by Michael Lipsey, M. Lipsey, NYC 2/04

Echo's Brief Lament
for piano solo [A|B|R|S|M Publishing]

Preamble & Dreamsong from the 4-5 a.m. REM Stage
(2003) for alto flute piano 8' commissioned by Rachel Rudich. R. Rudich, fl, E. Moe, pno Pomona College, Claremont, CA, 2/11/04

down the stream, merrily
(2002) for two marimbas 2í commissioned by DoublePlay, Stephen Paysen and Dominic Donato, Symphony Space, NYC, 10/21/03

Pulaski Skyway Waltz
(2002) for solo piano 5í Eric Moe, Myrna Loy Theater, Helena, MT 7/11/02

Eight Point Turn
(2001) for fl, ob, cln, bsn, vla, cb, perc, pno 12í commissioned by the Philadelphia Music Project and the NEA for Rel’che. Rel’che, Ethical Culture Society, Philadelphia, PA 9/27/01

Three Ways to Relieve Tension
(2001) for solo piano 11í commissioned by Meet the Composer USA for David Holzman. Eric Moe, pno, Churchill College, Cambridge UK, 9/2/01

Dead Elf Tugboat
(2000) for flute and keyboard sampler 9' commissioned by Rachel Rudich Rachel. Rudich, fl, Eric Moe, kbrd. Pomona College, Claremont, CA 2/3/01

Repeat Offender
(2000) for fl, cln, alto sax, vln, vlc, perc, pno 20í commissioned by the Network for New Music The Network for New Music, Settlement School, Phila, PA 4/22/01

The Shocked Music of Pearls
(2000) for string quintet 2-1-1-1 8' commissioned by Elixir. Elixir, Candlelight Soirees, Temple United Methodist Church, SF, CA 5/14/00

Where Branched Thoughts Murmur in the Wind for piano solo (2000) 4' commissioned by David Holzman. David Holzman, pno. St. Stephen's, NYC 3/16/00

Rough Winds Do Shake the Darling Buds
(1999) for saxophone trio (alto, tenor, baritone) 12' commissioned by the RaschËr Saxophone Quartet RaschËr Saxophone Quartet, Jakarta, Indonesia 6/5/01

Dance of the Honey Monkey
(1999) for piano solo 5' Eric Moe, pno. Bellefield Auditorium, Pgh, PA 10/8/99

The Lone Cello (
1998) for 'cello solo 11' commissioned by David Russell David Russell, vlc. Pgh, PA 2/23/99

Fled Is That Music
(1998) for flute and piano 14' commissioned by Rachel Rudich Rachel Rudich, fl, Eric Moe, piano. California Institute for the Arts, Pasadena CA 10/22/98 Nocturne (1997) for piano solo 5' Eric Moe, Frick Fine Arts Auditorium, Music on the Edge, Pgh PA 1/27/98

And Life Like Froth Doth Throb
(1997) for viola and 'cello 4' commissioned by the Fogg/Flaherty Duo Cynthia Fogg, vla, Tom Flaherty, vlc. Bridges Hall, Claremont, CA 9/27/97

Blue Air
(1996) for violin and piano 8' commissioned by Roger Zahab Roger Zahab, Eric Moe. Prism, NYC 12/2/96; Music on the Edge, Pgh 11/19/96

Time Will Tell
(1996) quintet for fl/picc, cln/bass cln, vln, vla, piano 11' commissioned by the Washington Square Contemporary Music Society Washington Square Contemporary Music Society, Purvis, cond. Miller Theater, NYC 4/9/96

On the Tip of My Tongue
(1993) bass clarinet and keyboard synthesizer (or solo b.cln. and CD) 14' commissioned by Tim Smith Tim Smith, b.cln., Pomona College, Claremont, CA 2/6/93 Sad Steps (1992);

Fancy Footwork
(1994) for oboe and piano 7'/4' commissioned by Marcia Butler Marcia Butler, ob. Fairfield CT 1/17/93; Weill Hall, NYC 2/21/95

Grand Étude Brillante
(1991) for piano 6' commissioned by The Etude Project for Alan Feinberg Alan Feinberg, West Point, NY 5/3/92

We Happy Few
(1990) for vln, vlc, pno 12' commissioned by the Washington Square Contemporary Music Society Washington Square Contemporary Music Society, Weill Hall, NYC 2/26/91

(1990) for clarinet and string quartet 7' commissioned by the amateur musicians of the Wellesley Composers Conference Wellesley Composers Conference 8/4/90, Jewett Arts Center, Wellesley, MA

(1989) for flute, 'cello, percussion, pno. 7' commissioned by the Stony Brook Contemporary Music Ensemble Stony Brook Contemporary Music Ensemble, 4/29/90, Merkin Hall, NYC

Up & At 'Em
(1988) for alto fl, Eng hrn, bass cln, vla, pno. 16' commissioned by the Koussevitzky Foundation Wellesley Composers Conference 8/3/89, Jewett Arts Center, Wellesley, MA

A Whirling and a Wandering Fire
(1986) for fl, cln/b cln, pno 9' EARPLAY, 3/24/86, Unitarian Church, San Francisco CA

(1985) for 'cello and piano 15' commissioned by Laszlo Varga Laszlo Varga, vlc, Karen Rosenak, pno, 10/1/85, Unitarian Church, San Francisco CA

(1984) for piano 12' Spring concert, American Academy in Rome, E. Moe, pno, 5/31/84, Villa Aurelia, Rome


Tri-Stan (2003) (see large ensembles)

Siren Songs
(1998) for soprano and chamber orchestra 2-2-2-2/2-2-0-0/2 perc./strings 27' Kelly Lynch, sop. with Univ. of Pgh Chamber Orchestra, Zahab cond. 2/21/99
voice and piano version: Elizabeth Farnum, sop. and Eric Moe, pno North River Music, Greenwich House, NYC 11/8/01
voice and chamber ensemble: (sop, fl, cln/b.cln, vln, vlc, perc, pno) Barbara Kokolus, Furious Band, Music on the Edge, Pgh PA 3/29/03

Sonnets to Orpheus
(1997) for soprano, oboe, string quartet and piano 35' commissioned by Christine Brandes Christine Brandes, sop. with Alea III, Lemon cond. 12/1/97 Campbell Hall, Stanford CA

Songs of Connection
(1996) for soprano, flute, and harp 9' commissioned by the Jubal Trio Jubal Trio (Schadeberg, Kahn, Jolles), New School, New York, 2/20/97

O vos omnes
(1991) for chorus (SATB) 6' commissioned by the Bellefield Singers Bellefield Singers, Heinz Chapel, Pgh PA 5/19/91

(1987) for baritone, fl, cln/b cln, tpt, vln, vlc, cb, perc, pno. 18' Allen Shearer, bar. EARPLAY, composer cond., 3/30/87 Unitarian Church, San Francisco

Songs Not So Serious
(1984) for soprano and piano 10' Composers Inc., Anna Carol Dudley, sop, E. Moe, pno, 5/14/85, Mus. of Mod. Art, SF, CA


>concert music
Mouth Music
(1995) electroacoustic, computer with optional keyboard controller 6' Music on the Edge, Frick Fine Arts Auditorium, Pgh, PA 10/31/95

Songs and Dances of the Automobile
(1988) electroacoustic, FM synthesis. 14' EARPLAY, 2/22/88, Unitarian Church, San Francisco CA

The Sight of Stillness
(2003) electroacoustic music 28', for documentary video by Carolyn Speranza, funded by the Heinz Foundation, Pittsburgh Fimakers, 3/22/03

The Earth Breathing Through Its Elements
(2001) electroacoustic 16'music for video installation. With video artist Carolyn Speranza. commissioned by First Night Pittsburgh Inc. and funded in part by the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts program of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

Le Trois Behagas Clothed With the Sky, Wink
(2000) electroacoustic 13' music for installation by sculptor Robert La Bobgäh commissioned by Robert La Bobgäh

The Trojan Women
, incidental electroacoustic music. Euripides, trans. Frederick Williams, directed by C.H. Moe. McLeod Theater, Southern Illinois University, 10/5/90

The Life of the Automobile
, incidental electroacoustic music (with Mathew Stramoski). Multi-media/performance art work, conceived and directed by R.G. Davis after the Ilya Ehrenburg novel. McKenna Theatre, San Francisco 3/17/88