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It is with some regret, though with also a sigh of relief, that I have decided to take down the EdIndex of web resources for teachers and students.  Over the past few years, especially since the increasing significance of Google as an outstanding and free resource for searching the ever-growing wealth of multimedia information on the Web, I have come to consider my EdIndex to be a decreasingly significant asset for teachers and students in our K-12 schools.  Simple searches on Google will return a well-filtered mine of information on any topic of choice under the sun.  Students and teachers must develop data search skills in order to be able to mine the information that Google makes available and for this reason I have published simple articles on the subject of Searching with Savvy and these tutorials may be found on the Web at EducationWorld.com


I would like to take this opportunity to thank, again, the many students at UPJ who worked with me to maintain the EdIndex resources. Especial thanks must got to Professor Yvonne Singer, my collaborator and good friend, who single-handedly managed the EdIndex for several years.


Should you still wish to use the EdIndex, the version of it extant when I retired in 2009 can be accessed using the following WebArchive website:




or by clicking on this hyperlink: Bernie Poole's Edindex of Web Resources for Teachers and Students

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