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Mary Russell Mitford

Workshop Materials

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So...what’s all this we’re doing with XML and TEI?

Slides from the Women Writers’ Project

  1. Overview of Text Encoding and the TEI
  2. A Hurried Introduction to XML
  3. Basic Manuscript and Physical Document Encoding
  4. Advanced Manuscript Encoding
  5. The TEI Header: Metadata for Manuscripts
  6. Coding Contextual Information

A Coded Mitford Letter, and Other Useful Resources

  1. Sample PDF Photo-Facsimile of (another)“Sunday Morning” Mitford Letter, with Notes on Transcription (thanks to Lisa Wilson, who prepared this for her students)
  2. The Digital Mitford’s Guide to 19th-Century British Postmarks (1800s to 1840s), and How to Code Them in TEI
  3. NEW! Our Very First Transformed Letter, from coded TEI to HTML: Mitford to Talfourd, June 29, 1825
  4. TEI P5 Guidelines: the Ultimate TEI Resource!
  5. The Digital Mitford Codebook: Our Customized Coding Rules and Templates for Marking Multiple Kinds of Texts
  6. The TEI Elements in play in the Digital Mitford Project: An Infographic of May 28, 2014

Broader Context and Examples

  1. Historical Context on Computer Markup and the TEI from the era of punch cards to our time
  2. More Resources and Info (recommended by WWP)
  3. TEI Projects of Note