HK97 capsid maturation protease

HK97 assembly showing protease action

Tailed bacteriophages and herpesviruses build their capsids by co-assembling their major capsid protein with an internal scaffolding protein that is removed from the prohead intact or in pieces after it is digested by a maturation protease. Phage HK97's scaffolding protein is the 102 residue N-terminal delta domain of the major capsid protein which is also removed by proteolysis after assembly by a protease, which we have characterized. The protease has N-terminal cleavage and C-terminal packaging domains.

Functional domains of the HK97 capsid maturation protease and the mechanisms of protein encapsidation.
Duda, R. L., B. Oh, and R. W. Hendrix.
2013. J Mol Biol 425:2765-81.

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