Bob Duda's Photo

Name: Robert L. Duda, Ph.D
Position: Research Assistant Professor
Institution: University of Pittsburgh
Department of Biological Sciences
Laboratory Address: 318 Langley Hall
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh PA 15260
Office location: within 318 Langley Hall

Bob Duda is continuing the NIH-funded research that began in collaboration with Distinguished Professor Roger Hendrix, who passed away unexpectedly in August, 2017.

Laboratory members include Josh Maurer, Nassima Bouhenni, Huixin Wu and , Victor Morell as well as Alexis Huet and Patricial Campbell.
who are joint members of our lab and James Conway's Lab in the Structural Biology Department.
Recent Ph.D. graduates of the lab include Dr. Jianfei Hua, and Dr. Bonnie Oh, who are both currently pursuing their carreers in Austin Texas.

Research interests: Our lab uses bacteriophages as model systems to learn how proteins assemble into complex biological structures. The structural components of phages are particularly appropriate because they are large enough that we can visualize them using electron microscopy and detect them using simple gel assays, but simple enough that we know all of the genes required to produce them and can easily make mutations in these genes and study their effects on assembly and structure. Three easily studied parts of phages are tails, tail fibers, and capsids.

Experimental systems: My research focuses mainly on capsids and in particular the capsid of E. coli phage HK97. Other projects include looking at the structure and assembly of the capsids of some additional phages, including D3, phi1026b, XP10, T5 and P1. We also have ongoing studies of bacteriophage Lambda tail assembly and bacteriophage Lambda side tail fiber assembly.

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