Computational Structural Biology Resources (MSCBIO 2030)


This is a page of resources for Dan Zuckerman's section of the graduate computational structural biology course offered in 2013. This is all unofficial, thrown together by me (Rory) but maybe you'll find it useful. My main interaction with you will be during the recitation section from 4-6 on Wednesdays. I'll also be grading your homework.


Homework is due in hard copy at 4 pm on Wednesdays, i.e. before the recitation section begins. If your homework is not legible, or even if it's technically legible but requires an egregious amount of perseverance on my part to decipher your scribblings, I'll return it to you and ask for a neater copy. Typesetting your homework using something like LaTeX is highly encouraged.

For/From Recitation

Molecular Dynamics Lab

Additional Texts


This is ATP synthase right? image taken from the machinery of life by david s. goodsell