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This is Di Lu , a fifth year PhD student in the program of Informaion Science and Technology at School of Information Science, University of Pittsburgh. My advisor is Dr. Rosta Farzan. I work as a graduate student assistant(GSA) in the department of Information Science and Technology, while I also work as a research assistant of Dr. Farzan.

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Di Lu

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the field of social computing, focusing on understanding user behavior in online information systems and studying the hybrid online-offline interaction through computer-mediated communications to facilitate collaboration and participation in communities. I use both both qualitative and quantitative methods to be able to design more effective online information systems and support their users in achieving their goals. My recent work in IBM research involves studying the effects a playful self-photo co-creation activity has on social ties.

    Social Computing
    Online Communities
    Health Informatics
    Local Information System