Coconut Collection Environment

This is a snapshot of the Coconut interface built using Garnet. The interface allows two humans to play the Coconut Game and records the dialogue. The top dialogue window is the input window and the bottom dialogue window is the partner's last input. Turns are enforced in that once a player transmits a message to his or her partner by pressing the End of Turn button, that player is locked out until the partner completes his or her turn. The graphics allow the players to individually keep track of the negotiated, partial solution to the problem during the game and allows us (the discourse researchers) to better determine what was meant and what was understood during the course of the conversation. In this snapshot (reproduced from the collected data of a real game), the players have a misunderstanding that is apparent from the conversation and the graphics shown but it has yet to be recognized by the player whose screen we are viewing. For more information on this interface see this paper

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