University of Pittsburgh Association of Chaplaincies

The University of Pittsburgh Association of Chaplaincies represents a potpourri of different faith traditions. UPAC is here to serve you by providing a communications link with local religious organizations that wish to serve the University community. In cooperation with Student Affairs, we are working hard to meet the religious and spiritual needs of the campus community.

Information concerning other religious communities, which are not listed as members of the University of Pittsburgh Association of Chaplaincies but are present on the PITT campus or in the Greater Pittsburgh area, is available from the UPAC Chair.

UPAC Executive Committee

Eric Andrae, Chair - (412) 683-4121
Marv Nelson, Vice Chair/Treasurer
Brian Bennett, Secretary
Troy Wallace, Registry Representative

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Are you interested in joining UPAC? Please contact the UPAC Chair.

Updated 11-12-14

The position of the University of Pittsburgh Association of Chaplaincies is that religious sensitivity is a personal matter and should be treated with due regard, keeping sacred the principle of free will. Devotion in any system of belief should be offered and received openly and in good faith; never by coercion, manipulation or deception. Some would capitalize on the tender yearnings of spiritual awareness to promulgate factional, personal or financial agendas. These actions thwart the value of spiritual exercise which should have as its objective the edification of the soul and in contribution to family and social order. UPAC members forswear attempts to advance organizational progress by such methods. UPAC welcomes all to evaluate any religious activity by similar standards.