Community Ethics: The Newsletter of the Consortium Ethics Program

Volume 1 (1993-94)

Volume 1, Number 1 (Winter 1993-94)
About the Consortium Ethics Program / Sewickley Valley Hospital Profile / The CEP Casebook for Community Hospitals / CEP Retreat Report
Volume 1, Number 2 (Spring/Summer 1994)
The Ethics Task Force of the HCWP / Ethics Roundtable: Guardianship problems / Problems in Patient Transfer / Center for Medical Ethics Faculty & the SHHV Conference / AIDS & the CEP / Truly Useful Literature: Ethics Consultation
Volume 1, Number 3 (Fall 1994)
Long-Term Care and the Law / Ethics Roundtable: Guardianship problems pt. II / Palliative Care / HIV Screening During Pregnancy / Truly Useful Literature: Autonomy and the Elderly

Volume 2 (1994-95)

Volume 2, Number 1 (Winter 1994-95)
Special Issue: Medical Ethics and Religion / The Limitations of Secular Medical Ethics / Three Views of the Hospital Chaplain / Truly Useful Literature: the Chaplain's Role in Bioethics / Long-Term Care and the CEP
Volume 2, Number 2 (Spring 1995)
Ethics Roundtable: Forming, Running, and Revitalizing an Ethics Committee / Truly Useful Literature: Ethics Committees
Volume 2, Number 3 (Summer 1995)
Reflections on the "Death With Dignity" Act / Death With Dignity in Western PA / Electronic Roundtable: Nursing Ethics Committees / Truly Useful Literature: Nursing education and practice / AIDS & the CEP
Volume 2, Number 4 (Fall 1995)
The CEP & New JCAHO Accreditation Process / One Hospital's Experience With the JCAHO Survey / A Life-Context Approach for Developing End-of-Life Decisions / A University Hospital Palliative Care Service / How to Review Hospital Policies

Volume 3 (1995-96)

Volume 3, Number 1 (Winter 1995)
Developing and Implementing a Medical Futility Policy / Futility and Its Uses / Truly Useful Literature: Medical Futility / CEP Retreat Highlight: Managed Care
Volume 3, Number 2 (Spring 1996)
HCFA's "Final Rule" on Advance Directives / Shadyside Hospital: Ethics in Evolution / Ethics, AIDS, and the CEP / The JCAHO Ethics Interview / Electronic Roundtable: Brain-Death Dilemmas / Truly Useful Literature: Informed Consent
Volume 3, Number 3 (Summer 1996):HTML:ADOBE PDF
Special Issue: Rehabilitation Ethics / Giles Scofield Visits the CEP / SHHV Rehab Ethics Group / Who's the Patient: A Case Study & Commentary / Rehab Ethics "On the Prowl" / Is Rehabilitation Ethics So Different? / Truly Useful Literature: Rehab Ethics
Volume 3, Number 4 (Fall 1996): ADOBE PDF
Spreading Ethics Awareness / Ethics Roundtable: Do Nurses Participate in Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide? / Butler Hospital Pioneers "Ethics Week" / HCWP Ethics Committee: Renewing and Revitalizing a Legacy of Service / A Preview of the CEP's 1996-97 Line-up

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