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The Drug and Alcohol Forum

Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers:

The Drug and Alcohol Forum, Inc. is being published to offer a practical alternative to managers, therapists, and prevention specialists to keep up to date on new information that will assist them in improving the quality of care given to consumers. The field of addictions has matured considerably over the last two decades to include a great number of certified specialists and many opportunities for continuing education. In addition, there is a growing recognition in the population and in the government for more and better treatment as well as for more refined prevention activities. This has opened the door for many employment opportunities.

The current environment in which we practice is dominated by managed care with an emphasis on shorter treatment experiences and lowered reimbursement. Institutions are finding short term savings by cutting training budgets; and professionals overwhelmed by paperwork and high census find it difficult to take time off for continuing education. It is clear, across the country, that the number of participants at conferences is dropping.

The Drug and Alcohol Forum provides an opportunity for professionals to keep abreast of new information in the field at their convenience. It provides an opportunity to learn about a broad range of topics and to identify experts that can be drawn upon for more intensive educational training.

The Drug and Alcohol Forum is an inexpensive way to learn and to meet your certification requirements. I encourage readers to take advantage of the Forum; however, I discourage individuals from fulfilling all their recertification requirements through this medium. There is a great deal more to be gained through personal interaction with the instructor and from networking with other professionals in a classroom setting.

I encourage you to provide us feedback about the Forum and about topics that you would like us to cover in future issues. A survey is attached for you to complete (back of test answer sheet). Please peel off the mailing label with your name and address and place it on the answer sheet. Once we receive the return envelope with your mailing label, your name will be added to the mailing list and you will continue receiving free, future issues of the Drug and Alcohol Forum. You do not need to complete the survey or test form to receive the next issue but you must return the form.

The Drug and Alcohol Forum was not created to compete with the scientific journals already on the market. Instead the Drug and Alcohol Forum was created to provide front line workers with practical information that could be useful in their practice. We hope you will be encouraged to submit articles that can be shared by your peers. On page ii you will find "Guidelines for Contributors." The next issue will be published in December, 1997. This issue will deal primarily with Pharmacology. Future issues of the Forum will cover topics such as: cultural diversity, violence, spirituality, and treatment modalities.

To receive credit, participants will pay a fee of $10/credit and score 80% or more on each test. Participants scoring below 80% will be notified along with the specific questions that they did not answer correctly. They will have to retake the test and submit a second fee. Each participant will receive a report of the tests that they have completed, their scores, and dates completing each test. Each participant may request one additional report annually.

From the first writings on tablets, man has been able to communicate ideas over a distance and these ideas have been recorded for future generations. Writings have provided a foundation for knowledge and knowledge provides us with the power to effectively impact the problems in our society. It is through continuing education that we allow knowledge to grow and increase our arsenal to impact our clients’ lives.


Tod R Marion, Ph.D., M.P.H., C.A.C.
Editor and Publisher
Drug and Alcohol Forum, Inc.
1415 Dutch Ridge Road
Beaver, PA 15009