SENEGAL February 2007

Lovely, but look closely and you will see the piles of trash on the shore.

car rapide

"Car Rapide" -- mass transit in Senegal


Dakar port

Port of Dakar


Dakar street scene


Goree shore

Shoreline from ferry to Goree

Goree street

Street scene on Goree

slave house

Slave house -- departure point for slave ships



woman dancing

Meeting of women's support group organized by Tostan -- members start by dancing! Fortunately the battery ran out before I joined the dance.


Yet more lovely dancers.



Boys studying the Koran at a Daraa. Tostan, an NGO working in Senegal, is working with the marabout who direct these schools to aid the welfare of these students and to reduce the need for them to beg in the streets.

Tostan conference center

Tostan's conference center in Thies, a great example of new construction that makes use of traditional styles.