PhD May 2017 Brown University Division of Applied Mathematics

Research Scientist, Novateur Research Solutions (September 2018 - present)

Visiting Affiliated Scholar, Economic Science Institute, Chapman University (March 2018 - present)

Research Associate, Department of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh (September 2018 -present)

Instructor at Carnegie-Mellon University, Department of Mathematical Sciences (Fall 2017)
Visiting Scholar at
University of Pittsburgh, Department of Mathematics (May 2017 - August 2018)



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Borse Express "Ist Bitcoin ein gigantischer Fehlschlag?" Feb 21

Pittwire "Father-Son Mathematics Team Tackles Crytpocurrencies, Stock Market Vulnerabilities" Jun 20

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As of February 16, 2018 (ten days after publication) the full text was viewed or downloaded about 8,000 times and exceeded all but 3% of all PNAS articles tracked by its "attention score."

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Older Papers.

Analytical and numerical results for first escape time in 2D (with Xinfu Chen)
Comptes Rendus, C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris, Ser. I 349 (2011) 191–194

Analytical and numerical results on escape (B. Phil. Thesis 2011)
University of Pittsburgh (2011)

Analytical and numerical results for an escape problem (with Xinfu Chen)
Archive for Rat. Mech. Analysis 203 (2012) 329–342

Effects of white noise in multistable dynamics (with Xinfu Chen, Jianghao Hao and Yajing Zhang)
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems B, 18 (2013)1805-1825


Asymptotics and Computation on Brownian Motion.
SIAM Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA, July 2010.
Abstract SIAM

Analytical and Numerical Results for Brownian Motion Through a Material,  Workshop on  Modeling of Materials with Fine Structure,
Carnegie-Mellon University, May 2011
Abstract CMU

Analytical and Numerical Results on escape of Brownian particles.
The 9th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Orlando, FL , July 2012.
Abstract AIMS  Lecture AIMS

Effects of White Noise in Multistable Dynamics in Differential Equations.
AMS Sectional Meeting Special Session, Georgetown Univ, Washington, DC, March 7-8, 2015

Effects of White Noise in Multistable Dynamics,
Am. Inst. of Mathematics 11th Int. Conf on  Dynamical Systems, Orlando, FL, July 1-5, 2016

Abstract AIMS 2016

Conservation Laws, Shocks, and Random Initial Conditions
Ohio State University, September 19, 2017

Conservation Laws, Shocks, and Random Initial Conditions
Carnegie-Mellon University, October 19, 2017

Supply, Demand, Volatility and Fat Tails
Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Computation, Chapman University, March 9, 2018

Shocks and Conservation Laws with Random Initial Conditions
Shanks Workshop on Mathematical Aspects of Fluid Dynamics
Vanderbilt University, March 24-25, 2018.



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