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Bruce R. Pitt - Committees

National Committees

    1. Chairman, Pulmonary Circulation Section, American Thoracic Society, 1991
    2. Member, Publication Policy Committee, American Thoracic Society, 1991 - 1993
    3. Long Range Planning Committee, American Thoracic Society, 1994 - 1996; 1998-1999
    4. Chairman, Program Committee, Respiratory Molecular Cell Biology, American Thoracic Society, 1998
    5. Member, Research Review Committee, American Lung Association, 1986 - 1990
    6. Member, VA Merit Review, Respiration, 1991 - 1994
    7. Lung Biology Pathology Study Section, Ad-hoc, NIH, 1993 - 1995
    8. Respiratory and Applied Physiology Study Section, Ad-hoc, NIH, 1993 - 1997
    9. Program Project Review Committee, Heart-Lung Interactions, NIH, 1992
    10. NIH Advisory Committee, Southwest Foundation, Biomedical Research. 1995-1999
    11. NIH Special Emphasis Board, Pulmonary Vascular Biology, 1995
    12. NIH Special Emphasis, Bone Marrow Transplant and Lung Injury, 1995
    13. NIH Special Emphasis, Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, 1994
    14. American Lung Association Fellowship Review, 1995-1998, member, co-chairman,1998
    15. NIH SCOR Lung Development and Pathobiology, 1996
    16. NIH Special Emphasis, Cystic Fibrosis, 1996
    17. NIH Fellowship Review, Physiological Sciences 1996
    18. NIH Special Emphasis, Metabolism 1997
    19. NIH SCOR Acute Lung Injury, 1997
    20. American Heart Association, Lung and Development Review member, 1996-1998
    21. NIH Lung Biology and Pathology, Member, 1998-2002
    22. March of Dimes Ad hoc reviewer, 1999-2000
    23. BSF, United States-Israeli International Science Foundation, Ad hoc reviewer 2000
    24. American Physiological Society, Reviewer Giles Filley Award Respiration, 2000-present
    25. External Advisory Board, University of Pennsylvania SCOR Acute Lung Injury
    26. California Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program, Pulmonary Disease Study Section, 2000-present, Chairman 2002
    27. NIH RFA Intermittent Hypoxia, 2000
    28. Chairman-elect, Respiration Section, American Physiological Society
    29. Chairman, NIH Lung Biology Pathology Study Section, Oct 2000 -
    30. Scientific Advisory Board, iNOTherapeutics, Clinton , NJ
    31. Adhoc member, promotions committee, Pulmonary Pathology Branch, NIEHS, RTP, NC
    32. Ad hoc reviewer, Alice Hamilton Award for Excellence Occupational Safety Health
    33. Member, Special study section, NIH Alcohol Toxicology, Oct 2002
    34. NIH HLBI SPARKS II, Jan 2003
    35. Member, Special study section, NIH Respiratory Applied Physiology, Feb 2003
    36. Member, Board Review, Pulmonary Pathobiology NIEHS, Aug 2003
    37. Ad hoc reviewer, Kentucky Science and Engineering Foundation, Aug 2003
    38. Member, Parker B. Francis Foundation Pulmonary Research Advisory Group
    39. External Advisory Board, Case Western Cystic Fibrosis Center, April 2004
    40. Ad hoc member, NIH Fellowship Review Pulmonary, Cardiovascular and Exercise March 2004
    41. Ad hoc member, NIH PO1 HL60678 (Signaling Endothelial Permeability Lung Vascular Injury), June 2004
    42. Member, NIH HLBI Program Project Review Committee, 2005 -
    43. External Advisory Committee, Chemical Counteract, National Jewish Hospital, Denver CO  2007-
    44. External Advisory Committee, T32 Training Program in Pulmonary Research, Harvard School Public Health
    45. External Advisory Committee, Institute Vascular Biology, Medical College Georgia
    46. External Advisory Committee, Department Environmental Health Sciences, UAB School Public Health
    47. External Advisory Committee, University of California at Davis, T32
    48. External Advisory Committee, University of Rochester, T32
    49. Ad hoc reviewer, NIH KO8 HLBI 2009-present
    50. Scientific Advisory Committee, Gilead (Pharmaceuticals) Sciences Research Scholars Program in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, 2011-present

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University Committees

    1. Vice-chairman, Department of Pharmacology 1987-2000
    2. Director of Education, Medical Pharmacology 1987-1993; 1997-1998
    3. Chairman, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Standing Committee for Tenure and Promotion 1997-1999
    4. University of Pittsburgh, Internal Review, Department of Biological Sciences, 1997
    5. Research Advisory Committee, Childrens Hospital Pittsburgh, 1992- 2002
    6. Search committee, Division of Pulmonary Allergy Critical Care Medicine
    7. Search committee, Dept. Bioengineering
    8. Director, Summer Medical Student Research Fellowship Program 1996-1999
    9. Ad hoc committee, Medical School admissions interview 1998-2001
    10. Member, Magee-Womens Research Institute Advisory Committee, 2001-present
    11. Member, McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Feb 2002 present
    12. Member, Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/Ph.D) University of Pittsburgh School Medicine (Sept 2002 present)
    13. Search committee (Chairman), Chairman Department Pharmacology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (July 2004 present)
    14. Member, University of Pittsburgh Technology Transfer Committee
    15. Member, Health Sciences Research Advisory Committee
    16. Search committee (Chairman), Chair Department Human Genetics, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health
    17. Search committee, Chief Pulmonary Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School Medicine
    18. Search committee, Director, Magee Womens Research Institute

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