• Interview by Silvia Panizza, Genoa, April, 2009 (video)
  • Interview by Guido Seddone, Leipzig, 30 June, 2008 (video)
  • "How Analytic Philosophy Has Failed Cognitive Science," Collège de France, 26 May, 2009 (video)
  Locke Lectures
Video of each of the six Locke Lectures, as delivered in Prague, April, 2007. Each lecture is followed by an invited commentary and audience discussion.
  1. "Extending the Project of Analysis" (commentary by John McDowell).
  2. "Elaborating Abilities: The Expressive Role of Logic" (commentary by John MacFarlane).
  3. "Artificial Intelligence and Analytic Pragmatism" (commentary by Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer).
  4. "Modality and Normativity: From Hume and Quine to Kant and Sellars" (commentary by Huw Price).
  5. "Incompatibility, Modal Semantics, and Intrinsic Logic" (commentary by Jaroslav Peregrin).
  6. "Intentionality as a Pragmatically Mediated Semantic Relation" (commentary by Sebastian Rödl).
   Rorty Lecture
Audio recording of Bob's 2009 talk at the 20th Anniversary Conference on Rorty and the Mirror of Nature, Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, University of London.
"Global Anti-Representationalism?" (streaming, mp3 download)
  Leibniz Lecture
Audio recording of Bob's 2008 address to the Academy of Sciences of Saxony.
"Ein Gedankenbogen: Von Rortys eliminativen Materialismus zu seinem Pragmatismus" (mp3)
  Woodbridge Lectures
Video of each of the three Woodbridge Lectures, as delivered in Pittsburgh, PA, January, 2008. Each lecture is followed by audience discussion.
  1. "Norms, Selves, and Concepts" (lecture, discussion)
  2. "Autonomy, Community, and Freedom" (lecture, discussion)
  3. "History, Reason, and Reality" (lecture, discussion)