Recent Work

This page contains links to work in progress currently available for download, as well as some materials for the 2006 Locke Lectures, the 2007 Woodbridge Lectures, the 2011 Munich Hegel Lectures, and the 2014 Nordic Pragmatism Lectures.

  Interview by Richard Marshall, 3:AM Magazine
Here is a word-version of the interview.
  Analytic Pragmatism, Expressivism, and Modality: The 2014 Nordic Pragmatism Lectures
Here is the manuscript of all six lectures.
  A Spirit of Trust: A Semantic Reading of Hegel's Phenomenology
  Recollections of Idealism (Wiedererinnerter Idealismus)
Here is a draft of the text in English.
  Recent Papers
  • "Understanding the Object/Property Structure in Terms of Negation: An Introduction to Hegelian Logic and Metaphysics" (MSWord)
  • "Some Hegelian Ideas of Note for Contemporary Analytic Philosophy" (MSWord) (pdf) (pub details)
  • "Categories and Noumena: Two Kantian Axes of Sellars's Thought" (MSWord)
  • "Reason, Genealogy, and the Heremeneutics of Magnanimity" (MSWord) (audio and video)
  • "A Hegelian Model of Legal Concept Determination: The Normative Fine Structure of the Judges' Chain Novel" (MSWord) (pdf)
  • "Sellars's Metalinguistic Expressive Nominalism" (MSWord)
  • "Sortals, Identity, and Modality: the Metaphysical Significance of the Modal Kant-Sellars Thesis" (MSWord)
  • "Intentionality and Language: A Normative, Pragmatist, Inferentialist Approach" (MSWord)
  • The 2011 Munich Hegel Lectures are available here.
  • "Modal Expressivism and Modal Realism: Together Again" (MSWord)
  • "From German Idealism to American Pragmatism--and Back" (MSWord)
  • "Global Anti-Representationalism?" (MSWord) (pub details)
  • "Towards Reconciling Two Heroes: Habermas and Hegel" (MSWord)
  • "Hegel and Analytic Philosophy" (MSWord)
  • "Untimely Review of Georg Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit" (PDF) (pub details)
  • "Freedom Is a Matter of Authority and Responsibility," an interview by Tanja Pritzlaff (Bremen), European Journal of Political Philosophy (PDF)
  • "Metaphilosophical Reflections on the Idea of Metaphysics" (MSWord) (pub details)
  • "How Analytic Philosophy has Failed Cognitive Science" (MSWord)
  • "An Arc of Thought: From Rorty's Eliminative Materialism to his Pragmatism" (MSWord) (pub details)
  • "Untimely Review of Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit" (MSWord)
  • "Platforms, Patchworks, and Parking Garages: Wilson's Account of Conceptual Fine-Structure in Wandering Significance" (MSWord) (pub details)
  • "Pragmatism, Inferentialism, and Modality in Sellars's Arguments against Empiricism" (MSWord) (pub details)
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  2011 Munich Hegel Lectures
Knowing and Representing: Reading (between the lines of) Hegel's Introduction
The 2011 Munich Hegel Lectures
The lectures were given 30 May - 1 June, 2011, at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
Lecture One, "Conceptual Realism and the Semantic Possibility of Knowledge": Handout, Text
Lecture Two, "Representation and the Experience of Error: A Functionalist Approach to the Distinction between Appearance and Reality": Handout, Text
Lecture Three, "Following the Path of Despair to a Bacchanalian Revel: The Emergence of the Second, True, Object": Handout, Text
The audio for the lectures is available here via iTunes.
The lectures were followed by a presentation on 4 June, 2011, at the conference "Aspects of Reason: Justification and Explanation" at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
"Some Post-Davidsonian Elements of Hegel's Theory of Agency": Handout, Text
  Woodbridge Lectures
Animating Ideas of Idealism
The 2007 Woodbridge Lectures
The lectures were originally given 12-14 November, 2007, at Columbia University.
Lecture One, "Norms, Selves, and Concepts": Handout, Text
Lecture Two, "Autonomy, Community, and Freedom": Handout, Text
Lecture Three, "History, Reason, and Reality": Handout, Text
Video of the lectures as given in Pittsburgh (together with audience discussion) is available here.
  Locke Lectures
Lecture transcripts and handouts are still available for download from the website.