MATH 2371 Spring 2012

Course Description
Finite-dimensional vector spaces are studied in a semi-abstract setting. This is the continuation of the Math 2370 course, see here for the Fall 2011 syllabus. This semester we will put more emphasis on problem-solving, in preparation for the Preliminary Examination in April.
Alexander Borisov
Office: 414 Thackeray Hall.
e-mail: borisov"at"pitt"dot"edu
Classes meet:
MWF 12:00-12:50 pm in 316 Old Engineering Hall.
Th 10:00-10:50 am in 704 Thackeray Hall. Recitations Instructor: Jonathan Holland.
Midterm is February 27 and 29, in class. Midterm Guide
Course Objectives
1) To help the students prepare for the Linear Algebra Preliminary Examination.
2) To help the students formulate their goals to get the most from their graduate school training.
Grading Policy
Like in Math 2370, there will be a midterm and a final examination. Unlike Math 2370, there will be numerous written homework assignments, as you are now ready to solve a variety of problems on the topics of the Linear Algebra preliminary examination. A significant portion of the grade will come from the homework. There may also be quizzes, announced in advance.
It is your responsibility to attend every lecture, take notes and go over the notes before the next lecture to fully understand the material covered. If for any reason you have to miss a lecture, please get the notes from another student in the class. You should also notify the instructor of your absense. If needed, ask the instructor for help with the missed material. Not all homework may be collected, but it is your responsibility to do it and check with other students whether or not you got it right. If in doubt, seek help from the instructor or the recitation instructor.
Helpful Links
If you are looking for extra study material and/or problems, check out the Linear Algebra handbook by Igor Yanovsky, UCLA.
Here is the list of the extra problems that were discussed in class during Spring 2010 semester. We will be using this collection again this semester, modifying and augmenting as needed.
Some information about complexification and real structure.
A brief description of lectures (updated periodically).