MATH 0413 Summer 2013

Schedule and Contact Information
Classes: M Tu W Th 6:00 -7:30 pm, Benedum G31
Instructor: Alexander Borisov
Office: Thackeray 414
Email: borisov"at"pitt"dot"edu
Recitations: M Tu W Th 7:40 - 8:35 pm, Benedum G31
Recitation Instructor: Aaron Greenspan

Announcements and Homework
The final exam will be during the last class and the last recitation, on June 20th. Please refer to the list of theorems and the list of mini-quizzes to guide your study.
Midterm date is set as Monday, 6/3. Format: a mixture of definitions, statements and proofs of theorems, and some problems. Focus especially on proofs of theorems. Here are some old midterm exams. Please refer to the Midterm Study Guide for more details.
Fall 2010
Fall 2011
Fall 2012
Homework 2 was updated to include one Extra Credit problem
First draft of the first writing assignment is due Thursday, 5/23 (or Tuesday, 5/28 at the latest).
Please refer to the List of Mini-quizzes for the most updated list of definitions and statements of theorems that can be asked on a mini-quiz.
Please refer to the List of Homework Assignments for the written homework assignments and due dates.

Calculus II or equivalent, and some natural curiosity.

Basic Analysis, by Jiri Lebl, with supplements by Pitt faculty.

The course covers the foundations of theoretical mathematics and analysis. Topics include sets, functions, number systems, order completeness of the real numbers and its consequences, and convergence of sequences and series of real numbers. Most importantly, this course is designed to introduce you to Mathematics, as a classical branch of human thought and culture. Please refer to the Information Packet for the more detailed structure of the course as well as an informal guide for the beginning mathematics students with tips on learning mathematics, including writing and problem-solving.

Helpful Links
The following websites contain excellent collections of interesting problems and well-written solutions, on relatively elementary topics.
USA Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS) Problems and Solutions
Art of Problems Solving