~ Like any legend, Keith has endured his share of myths and rumors. Below are some of the famous ones that less knowledgeable fans often believe! ~

MYTH: Keith had a complete blood change/transfusion in the 1970's.
This is one of the more amusing myths still heard today. It began when Keith was trying to get off heroin in the mid/late 70's and lived in Switzerland for a short period of time. Rumors were fueled in 1978 by an unaired skit on the tv show Saturday Night Live where Keith stated that "Every February I have to go to Switzerland to get my blood changed."

MYTH: Keith is dying/dead.
Especially during his heavy substance abuse years (all of the 1970's), Keith was expected to die. Today, some assume that because he abused his body for so long and is "old", he surely must be in poor health. Luckily, the opposite is true. Recent reports suggest that Keith is doing well and even exercises semi-regularly! Anyone who has seen him on tour recently can confirm that he is indeed active and looking better than ever!

MYTH: Keith was kissed/tongued by Mick Jagger on the tv show Saturday Night Live in 1978.
This is another one of those actual stories where the names of the persons involved get mixed up. The event did indeed occur, but it happened to RON WOOD, not Keith. Any Keith fan could tell you that it is highly unlikely that Mick would attempt such an act with Keith, for obvious reasons!

MYTH: Keith (as well as the other Stones) was involved in the death of Brian Jones in 1969.
Occasionally this theory is suggested, mainly because of the strange circumstances surrounding Brian's death. However, it is common knowledge that none of the Stones were present at the time of the drowning. While there may have been some negative feelings toward Brian at the time of his dismissal from the group, none of the Stones wished him ill will. Research suggests that those who were in attendance on the night of Brian's death (including construction workers, Frank Thorogood) may have been involved, but so far nothing concrete has been proven.

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