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Welcome to my homepage! My name is Bonnie Chambers and I work at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg as a Library Specialist in Millstein Library. My position requires me to perform various tasks, but much of my time is spent managing three areas: faculty reserves, book circulation/billing, and interlibrary loan. The latter requires the most effort overall, as I am solely responsible for daily document ordering, delivery, and receiving.

In Spring 2003, I graduated from the School of Information Science (Department of Library Science) at the University of Pittsburgh, thus becoming an "official" librarian.  I also have a Masters in Teaching English and occasionally teach English Composition as an instructor at a local community college.

Of course, I have other interests outside of my occupation. My favorite extracurricular activities include listening to music/attending concerts, studying pop culture, interacting/playing with pets (cats and dogs), watching sporting events (football and hockey), reading, and collecting rock and roll memorabilia. In fact, I am a great fan of The Rolling Stones and have created a webpage in their honor which includes a detailed book list .

Below is a list of various library and education internet resources that I have found to be useful. Hopefully they will assist you in your own research.


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LIBWEB (Library Homepages)


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American Association of Community Colleges (AACC)
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 Jobs in Higher Education


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