Independently Taught Courses:

Problem Solving (Spring 2013)

This was an introduction to problem solving in science, designed for students with little or no scientific background. The course website, which contains the syllabus, assignments, study guides, and some readings, is here.

Myth and Science (Fall 2012)

This was an introduction to Ancient Greek natural philosophy. The course website, with syllabus, readings, and assignments, is here.

Courses I was a Teaching Assistant for:

Darwinism (Spring 2011, with James Lennox)

An introduction to the history and philosophy of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection.

Morality and Medicine (Fall 2010, with Peter Machamer)

An introduction to medical ethics.

Sample syllabi for courses I'd like to teach:

Introductory Courses

Introduction to Philosophy of Science

Introduction to Philosophy

Science, Philosophy and Public Policy

Introduction to Philosophy of Mathematics

Introduction to Logic

Logic and Critical Thinking

Advanced Courses

Metaphysics and Science

Evolution of Scientific Concepts

Philosophy of Applied Mathematics

Feminist Epistemology and Philosophy of Science

Models in Science