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     Andy Walks With Me              
Andy Walks With Me explores the traumatic, abuse-ridden life of young Leroy in his daily encounters with Father, a psychotic, dictatorial, would-be preacher.   Compelled to escape Father's agonizing punishments, Leroy has nowhere to go but within his own mind to find the peace he needs to survive. Father, a harsh and  unforgiving tyrant, did not spare the rod in raising his fourteen children. Mother, who was distant and cold, provided the nursing care for her abused children but  could not truly love them or heal their inner pain.  During adulthood, Leroy has flashbacks of abuse and runs away from his wife and children due to Dissociative Fugue.  Dissociative fugue is a rare disorder in which a person blocks out chunks of life memories and flees to another living location.   Read this gripping tale when Leroy is discovered 20 years later in Hawaii with his new wife and those unfathomable memories of abuse come rushing back into his awareness.  It is a heart-wrenching, psychological tale of abuse and recovery.