Placement of PhD graduates



Paper Title

Date of PhD

Initial Placement

Subsequent Placement

Scolari, Paul Kirk Savage Indian Warriors and Pioneer Mothers: American Identity and the Closing of the Frontier in Public Monuments, 1890-1930 4/29/2005 Historian and Indian Liaison, National Park Service, Golden Gate National Recreation Area  
Yong, Ying Kathryn Linduff The Status of Noble Women in the Spring and Autumn Period China-Evidence from Their Burials 8/9/2004 TT-Edinboro Univ.  
Wu, Xiaolong Kathryn Linduff Stylistic Traditions, Patronage and Cultural Identity in Ancient China: Bronze Artifacts of the Zhongshan State, Warring States Period (476-221BC) 8/9/2004 TT-Hanover College  
Jiang, Yu Katheryn Linduff Statecraft and Cemetery in Early Dynastic China: Yu Funerary Arts in the Zhou 8/9/2004 Postdoc-National Gallery, Washington DC TT-Florida Atlantic
Univ. Honors College
Rhor, Sylvia Barbara McCloskey Mural Painting and Public Education in Chicago, 1905-1941 4/24/2004 TT-Carlow College  
Rittelman, Leesa Barbara McCloskey Constructed Identities: The German Photobook from Weimar to the Third Reich 4/26/2003 NTT-Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY TT-SUNY Fredonia
Chvostal, John Ann Harris Rethinking the Reform: A Study of the Early Careers of Ludovico, Agostino, and Annibale Carraci 8/1/2002 Director, Happy Lion Gallery, Los Angeles  
Pearo, Charles Kirk Savage Elizabeth Jane Gardner (1837-1922): Tracing the Construction of Artistic Identity 4/27/2002 Ind. Scholar  
Golden, Judith Alison Stones Patronage and the Saints in the Devotional Miscellany British Library MS Egerton 745 12/15/2001 Cataloguer, Index of Christian Art, Princeton University  
Sun, Yan Kathryn Linduff Negotiating Cultural and Political Control in North China During the Early Western Zhou Period: Elite Art and Its Use in Mortuary Ritual and Practice in the Yan State 4/28/2001 Case Western Reserve University TT-
Gettysburg College
Hirayama, Mikiko Thomas Rimer The Restoration of Realism: Kojima Kikuo (1887-1959) and the Growth of Art Criticism in Modern Japan 4/28/2001 TT-Univ of Cincinnati  
Ying, Wang Kathryn Linduff Rank and Gender in the Bone Art at Anyang, the Late Shang Center 4/1/2001 TT-University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee  
Gatewood, Deborah Alison Stones Illustrating a Thirteenth Century Natural History Encyclopedia: The Pictorial Tradition of Thomas of Cantimpre's "De Natura Rerum" and Valencienne's Ms. 320 12/1/2000 Manuscript cataloguer, Deutsche Forschungs-gemeinschaft  
Bertrand, Anne Ann Harris Art and Politics in Counter-Reformation Paris: The Case of Philippe De Champaigne and His Patrons (1621-1674) 12/1/2000 NTT-Bard, Vassar  
Li, Jian-jing Kathryn Linduff Mapping Artifacts of the Frontier: An Approach to the Study of the Yan Mountainous Area in the Eastern Zhou Period (8th - 3rd Century B.C.) 12/1/2000 Postdoc-Academia Sinica, Nangkang, Taiwan TT-Chi Nan University, Taiwan
Martin, Therese Elliot John Williams & Franklin Toker San Isidoro de Leon: From Palatine Chapel to Pilgrimage Church 8/1/2000 TT-Univ of Arizona