(Harriett) Anne Weis

Associate Professor of the History of Art
104 Frick Fine Arts Building
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Tel: (412) 648-2415
Fax: (412) 648-2792
Email: weis@pitt.edu


   Ph.D.in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, 1976
Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

   B.A., M.A. in Art History and Archaeology, 1968, 1971

University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri


Bryn Mawr College excavation at Poggio Civitate, Italy (1973)
University  of Missouri excavation at Phlious (1970, 1972) Greece

*Academic Experience:
1992-1998: Chair, Department of the History of Art and Architecture
1981-1989: Graduate Student Advisor, Department of the History of Art and Architecture
1976 -1984: Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh
1984:Promoted to Associate Professor of Fine Arts and Classics
*Courses Taught:

    (Art History)

HAA 0100  Classical Art (Art of Greece and Italy from the origin of the polisto late antiquity)

HAA 0150 (CLASS 0500) Ancient Art (Art of Egypt, the Near East) (Mesopotamia, Anatolia) and the Aegean)

HAA 1010 Approaches to Art History: Gendered Space in the Greek City

HAA 1100 Greek Architecture

HAA 1110  (CLASS 1510) Greek Art

HAA 1130  (CLASS 1520) Roman Art

HAA 1150 (CLASS 1522) Roman Sculpture

HAA 1160 (CLASS 1524) Roman Architecture

HAA 2100 Seminars in Hellenistic and Roman Sculpture

HAA 2140 Seminar on the Arch of Constantine

CLASS 0010 Greek Civilization
CLASS 0020 Roman Civilization

             CLASS 0030 Mythology in the Ancient World

             LATIN 0010 Beginning Latin 1

             LATIN 0020 Beginning Latin 2

This array of courses provides the undergraduate student with survey coverage of the arts of the ancient Near East, Greece, and especially Italy.

The Department of the History of Art and Architecture does not offer graduate degrees in classical archaeology, but it is possible for undergraduates to self-design majors in ancient art and archaeology based on coursework in the departments of Art History, Classics, and Anthropology.

*Selected Publications:

            The Hanging Marsyas Statue: Roman Innovations in a Hellenistic Sculptural Tradition(Rome 1992)

    Selected Articles

"The Motif of the Adligatus and Tree; A Study in the Sources of Pre-Roman Iconography" AJA 86 (1982) 21-38

"Material Limitations and Special Carving Effects in the Copying of a Hellenistic Statuary Type" in Classical Marble; Geochemistry, Technology, Trade, N. Herz and M. Waelkens, eds. (Kluwer 1988) 219 -228

"Menelaos and Patroklos or Aeneas and Lausus? A new Reading of the PasquinoGroup and of Sperlonga", in Stephanos: Papers in Honor of B.S. Ridgway,  K. Hartswick and M. Sturgeon, eds.(Philadelphia 1998) 255-86

Odysseus at Sperlonga: Hellenistic Hero or Roman Heroic Foil? in N. de Grummond ed., From Pergamum to Sperlonga: Sculpture in Context (Berkeley, CA, 2000)

*Work in Progress:

I am interested in the relationship between business and the development of the traditional artistic genres, especially architecture. Most of my work, clearly, has to do with Greek and Roman antiquity, but for methodological reasons I have been looking at selected problems in other cultural areas as well. My current project areas and the work accomplished around them-- can be summarized as follows:

Lectures on topic to Date:

"A Cinerary Urn from Chiusi and the Civic Architecture of Romanized Etruria"(University of Akron and Oberlin College, Akron/Oberlin, OH, 1988)
"An Architectural Cinerary Urn in Florence and the Late Republican Basilica"(Annual Meeting, Archaeological Institute of America, Boston, MA, 1989)
"Architecture and Opportunity in Late Republican Etruria"(Classics Dept., University of Pittsburgh, 1990)
Hellenization and Romanization in one architectural Case-Study:the Roman Republican Basilica(Symposium on Mediterranean Art and Architecture, Brock University, St. Catherines, Canada, 1994)
Orient or Occident? Innovation and Change in Roman Republican Architecture after the Second Punic War (Annual Meeting, AIA San Diego, January, 2001)

This research project considers the meaning of the Second Style in Campanian Wall Painting and its relationship to earlier trompe l'oeil painting in the Hellenistic East.

Work on Topic to date:

"Sperlonga and Hellenistic Sculpture," (review, N. Himmelmann, Die homerischen Gruppen und ihre Bildquellen)JRA 11 (1998).
"Dining with the Gods in Greece and the Hellenistic World,"(U. of Pittsburgh, Greek Room Committee, May 1998).

*Other Selected Scholarly and Public Lectures:
"The Augustan Building Program and the Problem of Classical Greek Style in Augustan Art" (College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA, 1978)
"Athens and Thessaloniki: Two Roman Cities in Greece"(Greek Room Committee of the University of Pittsburgh, 1979)

Women in Antiquity: The Perils of Emancipation" (Women's Alliance, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, 1982)

"The Pantheon: A Triumph of Roman Concrete Construction"(Session on Ancient Technology, Ohio Classical Conference, Youngstown, OH, 1992)

"Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor" (Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, PA, 1993

Sepphoris in Palestine and Civic Strategy in the Roman East: Planning for Prosperity under the Empire(University of Pittsburgh 1998)

(Updated April 10, 2001)