First Author Publications

The Inflow, Outflow, Yields, and Stellar Population Mixing in Chemical Evolution Models
Andrews, B. H., Weinberg, D. H., Schoenrich, R., & Johnson, J. 2017, ApJ, 835, 224 [ astro-ph | ADS | GitHub]

The Mass-Metallicity Relation with the Direct Method on Stacked Spectra of SDSS Galaxies
Andrews, B. H. & Martini, P. 2013, ApJ, 765, 140 [ astro-ph | ADS | youtube | SDSS-III blog ]

Principal Component Abundance Analysis of Microlensed Bulge Dwarf and Subgiant Stars
Andrews, B. H., Weinberg, D. H., Johnson, J. A., Bensby, T. & Feltzing, S. 2012, AcA, 62, 269 [ astro-ph | ADS| youtube ]

Assessing Radiation Pressure as a Feedback Mechanism in Star-forming Galaxies
Andrews, B. H. & Thompson, T. A. 2011, ApJ, 727, 97 [ astro-ph | ADS | Literature LIR & L'CO data used in Figure 1 ]

Selected Additional Publications

Equilibrium and Sudden Events in Chemical Evolution
Weinberg, D. H., Andrews, B. H., & Freudenburg, J. 2017, ApJ, 837, 183 [ astro-ph | ADS]

A Recalibration of Strong Line Oxygen Abundance Diagnostics via the Direct Method and Implications for the High Redshift Universe
Brown, J. S., Martini, P, Andrews, B. H.. 2016, MNRAS 458, 1529 [ astro-ph | ADS]

Chemical Cartography with APOGEE: Metallicity Distribution Functions and the Chemical Structure of the Milky Way Disk
Hayden, M. R., Bovy, J., Holtzman, J. A.; Nidever, D. L., Bird, J. C., Weinberg, D. H., Andrews, B. H., and 28 coauthors. 2015, ApJ, 808, 132 [ astro-ph | ADS]

Target Selection for the Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment (APOGEE)
Zasowski, G., Johnson, J. A., Frinchaboy, P. M., Majewski, S. R., Nidever, D. L., Rocha Pinto, H. J., Girardi, L., Andrews, B H., and 38 coauthors. 2013, AJ, 146, 81 [ astro-ph | ADS | APOGEE ]