Office of the Chancellor

Welcome from the Chancellor

The University of Pittsburgh is known for the excellence of its educational programs, the groundbreaking research and scholarship of its faculty, and the contributions it makes to its home community. Pitt is a vibrant institution that makes a difference in the lives of our students and alumni, in the community, and in the world.

Recognized nationally for the educational value it provides, Pitt prepares the 35,000 members of its student body with both the specific knowledge they need to pursue their careers and the ability to continue to learn once they leave the University. This combination equips them to be successful in today’s constantly changing knowledge-based world. 

Pitt also is a leader in academic research. With a rich legacy of accomplishments, such as developing the first effective polio vaccine, through current bioengineering efforts that link computers and medical prostheses, Pitt researchers continue to pursue developments that hold the promise of transforming the world around us. 

The University also has a significant positive impact in our communities. Pitt is one of the main contributors to the Pittsburgh region’s economic renaissance as a major employer; as a supporter of innovation and entrepreneurship in the region; and through the efforts of Pitt graduates, whose talents shape the businesses and institutions of the region. In addition, through the research grants it receives, Pitt brings hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy each year.

I am honored to serve as chancellor of this great university and to work together with its faculty, staff, and students as we pursue the shared goal of ensuring that the University of Pittsburgh will continue to make a difference in the most positive way.

Patrick D. Gallagher


Patrick Gallagher, PhD, is the 18th Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer of the University of Pittsburgh. He most recently served as Acting Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce and Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. He earned a PhD in physics from Pitt in 1991.


About the Chancellor's Office

As Pitt's chief executive officer, the chancellor serves as a public advocate for the University's interests and as a leader who sets its goals and governs its progress. The chancellor fosters supportive working relationships with faculty, staff, and students; builds close ties to the community and Pitt's external constituents; and raises funds to further the institution's missions of education, research, and economic development.


Leadership Team

In addition to working with the University's faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees, Chancellor Gallagher collaborates closely with his senior staff, a team that functions much like a presidential cabinet.