8 May 2015

Nikki is awarded Rosemary Grant Graduate Student Research Award from the Society for the Study of Evolution. AWESOME!


15 Apr. 2015

Anna Johnson is awarded a 2015 NSF Postdoc Fellowship to work with us to study how species compositional shifts over 100 years affect Hawaiian pollen transport networks!  We are truly thrilled!!


10 Apr. 2015

Ashman lab seeking postdocs in ecology and evolution of plants!  See our contact us page for details.


31 Mar. 2015

Nikki receives coveted NSF Predoctoral Fellowship! Congratulations!! 

And former undergrad Bella Salamone receives Honorable mention!


 23 Mar. 2015

Matt's work on Flower color featured in Scientific American! See it here:

18 Mar. 2015

Raj's paper on discordance among genomes in the octoploid clade of Fragaria published in AJB!  See it here:


 8 Jan. 2015


Matt Koski's paper on "Floral pigmentaion patterns provide an example of Gloger's rule in plants" has been published in Nature Plants. Congratulations Matt!


 5 Jan. 2015

Paper exploring the octoploid genome published! Go POLYPLOIDY!

Evolutionary Origins and Dynamics of Octoploid Strawberry Subgenomes Revealed by Dense Targeted Capture Linkage Maps.  Jacob A. Tennessen, Rajanikanth Govindarajulu, Tia-Lynn Ashman, and Aaron Liston. Genome Biol. Evol. 6(12):3295-3313. doi:10.1093/gbe/evu261.


 5 Jan. 2015

Middle school outreach paper published!- Go TEAM!

"The Strawberry Caper":Using Scenario-Based Problem Solving to Integrate Middle School Science Topics. Rebecca L. Gonda, Kyle DeHart, Tia-Lynn Ashman and Alison Slinskey Legg. The American Biology Teacher. Vol.77, No. 1 (January 2015), pp.50-54.


 7 Nov. 2014

Kate LeCroy successfully defends her MS thesis:  Floral color assembly of serpentine seep communities in northern California, USA ---AWESOME Kate!


4 Nov. 2014



 8 Sept. 2014

Two new strawberry papers published! 

Johnson, A.L., R. Govindarajulu and T-L. Ashman. 2014. Bioclimatic evaluation of range in Fragaria (Rosaceae):  consequences of variation in breeding system, ploidy and species age.  Botanical Journal of the Linnaean Society 176:99-114. 

Liston, A., R.C. Cronn and T-L. Ashman. 2014. Fragaria: a genus with deep historical roots and ripe for evolutionary and ecological insights.  American Journal of Botany 101:1-14.


 8 Sept. 2014

Heidi Wipf is awarded PASG for her project on pollen of hyperaccumulators!  Fantastic!


 1 August 2014

George has two new papers published:

'Variation in nickel accumulation in leaves, reproductive organs and floral rewards in two hyperaccumulating Brassicaceae species' in Plant and Soil, and 'Nickel accumulation in leaves, floral organs and rewards varies by serpentine soil affinity' in AoB PLANTS!


 24 June 2014

Two Tree of Sex Consortium papers published! 

See for the Nature database paper!  

See PLOS Biology for unsolved mysteries paper!


 30 May 2014

Nikki recieved the Lewis and Clark Fellowship!  Way to go Nikki!


 25 April 2014

Kyle and George's paper Elemental composition of serpentine plants depends on habitat affinity and organ type is accepted for publication in the Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science!

 25 April 2014

Becky receives a travel grant to attend Evolution 2014!

 25 April 2014

Tayanna Rivers, an undergraduate from Howard University, joins us for a summer of strawberry genetic research!  Welcome to the berry patch!

 7 April 2014

Becky Dalton is awarded NSF GRFP for her graduate work! Stupendous!

 7 April 2014

Heidi Wipf is awarded a Brackenridge Fellowship for the Summer of 2014 and a OUR small grant for her independent project on pollen metals! Fabulous!

13 March 2014

We made it to the AOB Blog again! Pollen receipt and quality in endemic-rich communities

1 March 2014

Gerardo defends his PhD Thesis with flying colors! Congratulations Dr. Arceo-Gomez!

1 March 2014

Matt Koski is awarded the prestigious Mellon Fellowship!  Fantastic Matt!

24 February 2014

HongBo Zhao joins the lab as a visiting scholar!  WELCOME!!

24 February 2014

Marina's meta-analysis of pollen limitation in the Atlantic forest of Brazil is published in PLoS ONE!  (9(2): e89498. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0089498)

16 January 2014

Two novel insights into plant-pollinator interactions:

1) Matt's paper 'Dissecting pollinator responses to a ubiquitous ultraviolet floral pattern in the wild' to Functional Ecology accepted!

2) George's paper 'Nickel accumulation by Streptanthus polygalodies (Brassicaceae) reduces floral visitation rate' to Chemical Ecology accepted!

16 January 2014

Heidi Wipf is awarded a PSGC Research Scholarship for the spring term, 2014 to study the effects of metal accumulation on interspecific pollen interactions!

28 October 2013

Marina Wolowski's pollen limitation work is featured on AOB blog!

15 October 2013

Kate Lecroy's paper documenting the natural history of moth pollination was published in Southern Lepidopterists' Society New this month.

1 September 2013

Rebecca Dalton was awarded the prestigious Horowitz Fellowship!  Way to go Becky!

1 September 2013

We made it in the Pitt video!  Take a look at

1 August 2013

Gerardo's paper "Co-flowering community context influences female fitness and alters the adaptive value of flower longevity in Mimulus guttatus" has been accepted to The American Naturalist!

20 July 2013

Kate LeCroy was awarded the Lewis & Clark Fellowship! Awesome Kate!

15 July 2013

The Ashman Lab welcomes a new graduate student, Nicole Forrester!

7 June 2013

Ashman Lab welcomes high school student Nila Suresh from North Allegheny High School!

22 April 2013

Paper QUARTET! Ashman lab members get four papers accepted for publication! Annals of Botany, Oecologia, Plant Science Bulletin here we come! Amazing work Becky, Matt, George, Kate and Marina!

22 April 2013

High School Student De'Andre gets his article on work in our lab featured in S2C Lamplighter. Pretty cool! My strawberry research project at the University of Pittsburgh

3 April 2013

Recent news article published about research by George Meindl titled "Pitt researchers find toxic metals move from soil to flowers, affecting bumblebees." Follow this link to the article published in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

3 April 2013

Kate LeCroy was awarded the 2013 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! Congratulations Kate!

28 March 2013

George Meindl was awarded the Outstanding Presenter Prize at the Grad Expo 2013 for his excellent presentation!

28 March 2013

George Meindl and visiting grad student, Anna Johnson, were both awarded Phipps' Botany in Action Fellowships!

4 March 2013

George Meindl receives the prestigious Andrew Mellon Predoctoral Fellowship for 2013-2014. Congratulations!

4 March 2013

Matt Koski is awarded NSF DDIG to expand his study on the evolution of floral UV patterning across the Potentilla genus.  Totally AWESOME!

4 March 2013

PAPER TRIFECTA! Ashman lab members (George Meindl, Bella Salomone, Raj Govindarajulu and Stacey Falk, Gerardo Arceo-Gomez) have 3 papers accepted for publication in The American Journal of Botany and Environmental Pollution!

4 March 2013

Kate LeCroy was awarded the first annual BSA Public Policy Awards- Congratulations!

12 February 2013:

Undergraduate Lauren Stanley was awarded the HHMI Mentor Award for the Summer of 2013. Congratulations Lauren!

8 February 2013:

Dr. Ashman was recently awarded the 2013 Chancellor's Distinguished Research Award. Congratulations!

1 January 2013:

The Ashman Lab was awarded a Dimensions of Biodiversity Award from the National Science Foundation. Way to go everybody!

22 September 2012:

Becky Dalton and Kyle DeHart were recently awarded grants for research supplies ($500) from the Office of Experiential Learning.

17 September 2012:

Undergraduate Becky Dalton won a research scholarship for the fall term from the Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium ($1,500). Congratulations Becky!

12 September 2012:

Alannie-Grace Grant has recently joined the Ashman Lab as a Hot Metal Bridge post-baccalaureate Fellow. Welcome to the lab Alannie!

10 September 2012:

George Meindl was recently awarded a Student Travel Grant from the Ecological Section of the Botanical Society of America. This grant will allow him to attend the Botany 2012 Conference. Safe travels George!

10 September 2012:

Matt Koski was recently awarded the National Geographic Young Explorers Grant in order to study Argentina anserina abroad. Congratulations Matt!

1 August 2012:

Graduate student Kate LeCroy won the Botanical Society of America's Emanuel D. Rudolph Award for best presentation in the Historial Section at the 2012 Botany Conference in Columbus, Ohio for "Botanical Literature in 19th-century United States Gift Books and Annuals." Way to go Kate!

20 July 2012:

Gerardo Arceo-Gomez was awarded a Doctoral Fellowship for the 2012-2013 year from CONACYT. Way to go Gerardo!

15 June 2012:

Undergraduate Becky Dalton was awarded a Brackenridge Fellowship ($800) for the Fall 2012 semester. Congratulations Becky!

15 June 2012:

Undergraduate Lauren Stanley was awarded a Brackenridge Fellowship ($800) for the Fall 2012 semester. Congratulations Lauren!

31 May 2012:

Undergraduate Kyle DeHart was accepted into an NSF REU Program in Plant Pathogen and Plant Cell Biology located in UC-Riverside, CA. Congratulations Kyle and best of luck this summer!

3 April 2012:

It is with great pleasure that we announce George Meindl has won the prestigious Elizabeth Baranger Excellence in Teaching Award. George was one of 7 finalists out of an initial 100 applicants. Keep up the outstanding work George!

1 April 2012:

George Meindl and Kyle DeHart attended the 88th Annual PA Academy of Sciences Conference held at Ceder Crest College this past weekend. George took 1st place in the poster presentation, receiving the Anne Spychala Student Presentation Award. Keep up the great work George!

30 March 2012:

Matt Koski won the McKinley and Pape awards in order to conduct research at Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology. Congratulations Matt!

28 March 2012:

Graduate student George Meindl recently received The American Society of Naturalists Student Research Award ($2,000). Congratulations George!

22 March 2012:

It is with great pleasure that we announce that three of our graduate students, George Meindl, Gerardo Arceo-Gomez, and Matthew Koski have all won outstanding presentation awards at this years Graduate Student Exposition. Congratulations to the three of you! Job well done!

15 March 2012:

Kate LeCroy will be joining the Ashman lab in the fall as the newest graduate student! Welcome to the lab Kate!

15 March 2012:

Graduate student Marina Wolowski is visiting the Ashman Lab for the next few months in order to work on her project focusing on "Pollen limitation of the ornithophilous assemblage in a Montaine Atlantic Forest". She is currently working on her P.h.D at the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Welcome to the lab Marina!

15 March 2012:

Graduate student George Meindl has recently received a Botany in Action Fellowship ($3,000) from Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Way to go George!

10 January 2012:

Graduate student Matt Koski was recently awarded a Sigma Xi Grant in Aid of Research. Congratulations Matt!

8 December 2011:

Graduate student Matt Koski has recently passed his comprehensive examination in pursuit of his Ph.D. Way to go Matt!

8 December 2011:

Graduate student Gerardo Arceo-Gomez has recently passed his comprehensive examination in pursuit of his Ph.D. Outstanding work Gerardo!

7 December 2011:

Graduate student George Meindl has recently passed his comprehensive examination in pursuit of his Ph.D. Way to go George!

3 November 2011:

Kyle DeHart, an undergraduate in the Ashman Lab, recently received a $500.00 grant from the Office of Undergraduate Research for research supplies. Congratulations Kyle!

17 October 2011:

Clare Kohler, an undergraduate in the Ashman Lab, has received this years prestigious Norman H. Horowitz Fellowship. This fellowship will allow Clare to continue conducting her research on the relationship between plant biodiversity and pollen sufficiency. Congratulations Clare!

7 October 2011:

Graduate student Gerardo Arceo-Gomez has won the Mary Edmonds Graduate Student Award for the best graduate student publication for 2010-2011. Excellent work Gerardo!

25 September 2011:

The Ashman Lab would like to welcome Katie Schuller to the lab. Katie will be serving as our new lab technician. If you would like to read about Katie's interests and background please visit the people page. Welcome to the Lab Katie!!

20 September 2011:

Rebecca Dalton, an undergraduate researcher in the lab, has received her second prestigious HHMI Fellowship for the academic year. She will continue her studies involving plant inbreeding depression.

15 September 2011:

Graduate student George Meindl has won the award for the best graduate student poster at the annual Department of Biological Sciences retreat at the Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology. This is the second year in a row that he has won this award. Great work George!

10 September 2011:

Graduate student Matthew Koski was awarded the Ivy McManus Scholarship for outstanding performance during his first year of graduate school. 

1 September 2011:

A new greenhouse has been completed for the purposes of conducting plant research studies. The greenhouse is located above Langley Hall. This will give the Ashman Lab  the ability to perform more extensive plant genetic studies using populations with greater number of individuals.

5 August 2011:

The Ashman Lab comes online for the first time! Kyle DeHart, an undergraduate in the lab, volunteered to undertake this project and we are quite thrilled with the turnout. Thanks Kyle!

4 August 2011:

This summer graduate student Matt Koski attended the MicroMorph Workshop at UC Boulder on the Microevolution of Development.

3 August 2011:

Graduate student Matt Koski recently received a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship which will provide him with three years of funding! Outstanding work Matt!

2 August 2011:

Rajanikanth Govindarajulu will be participating in the Next-Gen Sequencing data acquisition and analyses workshop organized through the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, Raleigh held during August 15-27, 2011. He obtained a grant through the generous support from NEScent to participate in the workshop that will help him build the programming skill sets that are required to handle and analyze the Next-Gen sequence data that are being generated through different projects related to Fragaria in Dr. Ashman's lab in collaboration with the Oregon State University.

1 August 2011:

We are proud to announce that three of our graduate students, Matt Koski, Gerardo Arceo-Gomez, and George Meindl were awarded the 2011 Rosemary Grant Award($2500 each) from The Society of the Study of Evolution. Excellent work guys!

31 July 2011:

Matt Koski and Gerardo Arceo-Gomez were recently awarded the BSA Student Research Grant Award. Great work!

30 July 2011:

Graduate student Gerardo Arceo-Gomez along with Dr. Ashman have had their recent work accepted for publication in New Phytologist. The title of the article is, "Heterospecific pollen deposition: does diversity alter the consequences?" Job well done!

21 July 2011:

The collaborative effort between the Ashman Lab and the Outreach Program has made its debut this summer. "The Strawberry Caper", a middle-school scientific curriculum recently wrapped up the teacher enrichment portion of its development. Seven middle-school science teachers joined us for a week of hands-on laboratory science in a workshop style format and all of them found it to be quite beneficial. We are looking forward to the curriculum's implementation into the classroom beginning this year.

20 July 2011:

It is with both great sadness, and joy, that we send off our former lab technician, Brianna McTeague. Brianna will be pursuing her P.h.D at Arizona State University where she will be continuing her studies in the field of botany. Good luck Brianna! We will miss you!

  1 July 2011:

We are proud to welcome Miss Stacy Falk into our lab for the summer. Stacy is a biology educator from South Park High School. Welcome to the lab Stacy!