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Statistics Explained Through Modern Dance: A New Way of Teaching a Tough Subject

Research Methods Help:  The Bibliotheca Alexandria (BA) Research Methods Library.
The Library of Alexandria has developed one of  the largest and most comprehensive research methods library. We are here to  assist researchers in planning and analyzing their research efforts. If you have questions about research methods please contact the BA research methods library

Mirror of  Research Methods Library of Alexandria (RMLA)

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Advancement in academia typically depends upon Scientific publishing. The more you publish, the better the first job, the higher the raise, and the faster the promotion. Sadly only 3% of publications come from developing countries, despite the fact that 27% of the scientists live in developing countries and 80% of the scientists.

In many countries bright young people want to do research and publish, have to publish, but they do not. A primary reason for this is Stataphobia which is the fear of research design and statistics, and not having access to people who can help. Eighty percent of all rejected articles are due to poor research methods.

 The Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Library of Alexandria) is pleased to offer the Research Methods Library of Alexandria.  This is one of the largest and comprehensive collections of research methods. It represents a one stop Library to answer your research methods question.

The components of the RMLA are:
Overview of the concepts of Quantitative research (Ismail Serageldin)


3. "BA Supercourse Help Desk" You can post questions to be answered by experts using address.
Research Methods Supercourse: We have collected over 1000 PowerPoint lectures from Experts an many different facets of research design

5. Overview of systems approach to research in lecture by Dr. Francois W.Sauer on Well-being and Systemic Thinking: A path to Peace and Harmony in the World (BVA 2016)

6. Research Apps: Collection of Apps in Science   .
. Survey Portal: We have identified top quality surveys on Smoking, Physical Activity, Quality of Life, and  Disability.These surveys have been translated into at least 8 languages and available for free for research efforts

8. Central Asian Journal of Global Health (CAJGH)

9. RMLA Regional Centers

10. RMLA Books

11. BA Africa Health Supercourse

12. RMLA Statistical Matrix


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