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Peter Machamer

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Philosopher-in-Residence for
Attack Theatre Dance Company

Descartes's Changing Mind

Professor (Adj. Philosophy, Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition, The Cognitive Program in Psychology, Rhetoric of Science Program, Research Associate (Learning Research and Development Center). His latest best seller is co-authored with I.E. McGuire, Descartes’s Changing Mind, Princeton University Press 2009. [].

He has edited a number of books, including Blackwell Guide to Philosophy of Science (with Michael Silberstein), Editor and Introduction (with A. Baltas and M. Pera) Scientific Controversies, Oxford UP, 2000.Motion and Time, Space and Matter, The Cambridge Companion to Galileo, and Studies in Perception, Peter Machamer and Gereon Wolters, eds. Science, Values and Objectivity, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2004; with Gereon Wolters, Studies in Causality:  Historical and Contemporary, University of Pittsburgh Press, 21, 2007.

His most successful publication written with Lindley Darden and Carl Craver, "Thinking About Mechanisms", Philosophy of Science, 67, March 2000, 1-25, is the MOST CITED article in Philosophy of Science,  2007-2010.

He has written many articles on topics in the history and philosophy of science. He works primarily on 16th- and 17th-century topics, especially Galileo, Descartes and Hobbes, and in the philosophy of cognitive psychology and neuroscience, and social science, and on values and science. He also did empirical work in cognitive psychology.

On-line Works in Progress:
Interpretation in Art and the Human and Natural Sciences (2/29/08)

Current Projects:
"Explaining Mechanisms" - a draft version of this article is posted on PhilSci Archives

"Complex Persons, social and bilogical"

"Newton and the Mechanical Philosophy"(with kochiaras and McGuire)

"Models as Models of Mechanisms”

“The Uniquely Coherent Philosophy of Thomas Hobbes”

Cooking, Eating, and Drinking Philosophically: a cookbook and guide, with Jim Bogen.