Michael Thompson

Professor of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh

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Hey guess what, a book has appeared. Check out the prospective German title:

We'll see what comes of this scheme.

We’ll see what comes of this scheme.

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Here are a few manuscripts and penultimate drafts of papers that might be hard to find:

Apprehending Human Form
The final version appeared in a volume Modern Moral Philosophy, ed. A O’Hear.

What is it to Wrong Someone?
The final version appeared in a volume Reason and Value, eds. Smith, Pettit, Wallace and Scheffler.

Three Degrees of Natural Goodness
A short elucidatory note on Philippa Foot’s Natural Goodness.
It originally appeared in Italian translation in Iride, April 2003. There is a German translation in Natürlich gut, eds. Hoffmann and Reuter

Naive Action Theory
A chapter of my book is sometimes referred to in this rustic earlier version.

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Readings for Introduction to Ethics may be linked here

Readings for Ethical Theory may be linked here

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