M. Najeeb Shafiq

Associate Professor of Education, Economics & International Affairs

University of Pittsburgh, USA


Thank you for visiting!  I am an comparative education economist and serve as an Associate Professor (with tenure) in the Department of Administrative and Policy Studies at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Education.  I also have a joint appointment in the Graduate School of Public & International Affairs, and a secondary appointment in the Department of Economics.  During Spring 2016, I served as Acting Department Chair of Administrative and Policy Studies.

My recent research papers are on the social benefits of education (using public opinion data), household schooling and child labor decisions, and education reform (particularly educational privatization and accountability- and incentive-based reforms). With colleagues at the World Bank, I am conducting a series of studies on schooling and social mobility in low- and middle-income countries.  I am happy to meet with students interested in studying these areas.

I teach graduate courses on the economics of education, social theories, comparative education, and quantitative methods.  I also serve as Consulting Editor for the peer-reviewed journal Research in Higher Education

Previously, I earned my PhD in Economics and Education at Columbia University and held appointments at the World Bank, Washington and Lee University, and Indiana University at Bloomington.  In Spring 2014, I was a Visiting Scholar at the University of Cambridge.

I am married to Nazia Farzin Shafiq, with whom I have two daughters, Airah and Manal.

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OFFICE: Posvar Hall Rm. 5909, 230 S. Bouquet Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15260

PHONE: (412) 648-1832

EMAIL: mnshafiq@pitt.edu