Jason DeBlois

Office: Thackeray 407
Email: my first initial then my last name, at "pitt.edu"
Extension: 4-0198


  • Bounding the area of a centered dual two-cell below, given lower bounds on its side lengths. arXiv:1506.07978
  • The local maxima of maximal injectivity radius among hyperbolic surfaces. arXiv:1506.08080
  • Papers

  • Hidden symmetries via hidden extensions (with Eric Chesebro). arXiv:1501.00726
        To appear, Proceedings of the AMS.
  • The Delaunay tessellation in hyperbolic space. arXiv:1103.4604
  •     To appear, Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society.
  • The geometry of cyclic hyperbolic polygons. arXiv:1101.4971
        To appear, Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics.
  • Explicit rank bounds for cyclic covers. arXiv:1310.7823
        Algebraic and Geometric Topology 16, no. 3 (2016), 1343--1372.
  • The centered dual and the maximal injectivity radius of hyperbolic surfaces. arXiv:1308.5919
        Geometry and Topology 19:2 (2015), 953--1015.
  • Rank gradients of infinite cyclic covers of 3-manifolds (with Stefan Friedl and Stefano Vidussi). arXiv:1212.4192
        Michigan Mathematical Journal 63, no. 1, 65--81.
  • Algebraic invariants, mutation, and commensurability of link complements (with Eric Chesebro). arXiv:1202.0765
        Pacific Journal of Mathematics 267, No. 2, 341--398.
  • Cross curvature flow on a negatively curved solid torus (with Dan Knopf and Andrea Young).
        Algebraic and Geometric Topology 10, no. 1, 343--372.
  • Some virtually special hyperbolic 3-manifold groups (with Chesebro and Henry Wilton).
        Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici 87 (2012), no. 3, 727--787.
  • Volume and topology of bounded and closed hyperbolic 3-manifolds (with Peter Shalen).
        Communications in Analysis and Geometry 17, no. 5, 797--850.
  • Incompressible surfaces, hyperbolic volume, Heegaard genus, and homology (with Marc Culler and P. Shalen).
        Comm. Anal. Geom. 17, no. 2, 155--185.
  • On the doubled tetrus. Geometriae Dedicata 144, 1--23.
  • Totally geodesic surfaces and homology. Algebr. Geom. Topol. 6, 1413--1428.
  • Surface groups are frequently faithful. (with Richard Kent) Duke Mathematical Journal 131, no. 2, 351--362.
  • Non-refereed

  • Tessellations of hyperbolic surfaces. arXiv:1103.4604
  • Totally geodesic surfaces in hyperbolic 3-manifolds. My U.T. thesis. (My advisor: Alan Reid)

  • Advanced Calculus 1 (Fall 2016)
    Topology 2 (Spring 2016)
    Differential Geometry 2 (Spring 2015)
    Differential Geometry 1 (Fall 2014)
    Topology 2 (Spring 2012)

    GTP@Pitt, May 14-15 2014.
    Chern-Simons theory: geometry, topology and physics, May 4-6 2013.

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