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2015-2016 Stipend Rates

Stipends for Graduate Student Assistants (GSA), Teaching Assistants (TA), and Teaching Fellows (TF)

The one-term stipend rates, effective January 1, 2016, for the spring and summer 2016 terms are below. For details about the stipend rates for the 2015 - 2016 academic year, please click here.

Graduate Student Assistant $7,165/term
Teaching Assistant $8,780/term
Teaching Fellow $9,125/term

For more information on TAs/TFs/GSAs, see the TA/TF/GSA Policy Statement.

Stipends for Graduate Student Researchers (GSR)

Based on the rates for TA/TF/GSAs, the GSRs will range from:

Minimum stipend: $7,165/term
Maximum stipend: $10,040/term

The minimum figure is set at the rate for a Graduate Student Assistant. The maximum is slightly higher than the Teaching Fellow stipend.

For more information on GSRs see the GSR Policy Statement.

Contact directly the school or program you are interested in to determine award availability.


TF/TA/GSA and GSR Stipend Rates
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